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drawn in 15 hours with Lascaux Sketch Classic
Showcase entry!
patienceisoverrated (Jul 28, 2007)
because i don't draw enough naked men.
patienceisoverrated (Jul 28, 2007)
drawn in 1 hour 24 min
patienceisoverrated (Jul 28, 2007)
drawn in 1 hour 13 min
NOVEMBER93 (Jul 28, 2007)
This looks amazing so far. I love those skin tones, and the way the background matches some of those colors
Miss_DJ (Jul 28, 2007)
wow, very well portrayed!!
deathking (Jul 28, 2007)
This is already fantastic, I love the colors but where is the ref?
cmb (Jul 28, 2007)
there arent enough naked men to draw sadly.....
davincipoppalag (Jul 28, 2007)
Then draw them happily Chris ...heheh This is great work Jessie!
shalalaheartattack (Jul 29, 2007)
I can't wait to see this finished. It's gorgeous already.
lori (Jul 29, 2007)
this is looking really good, though I prefer men with more meat on them ;)
dark_angel (Jul 29, 2007)
YAAAA!!! a naked guy!!! looks great so far!!
Roytje (Jul 29, 2007)
That's cool so far. I like the how you drew the muscles and the ribs :)
patienceisoverrated (Jul 30, 2007)
drawn in 3 hours 56 min
left the window open all afternoon
fleeting_memory (Jul 30, 2007)
Wonderful! For some odd reason I really like his feet!
Kanuto (Jul 31, 2007)
this is looking awesome
cmb (Jul 31, 2007)
the legs look photorealistic! fantastic work on the skintones!
Dr.Moony (Aug 3, 2007)
Come on....keep working :)
Moosh (Aug 3, 2007)
Holy crap that's awesome. o.O
JillJJ (Aug 3, 2007)
This is brilliant work, excellent anatomy!!! JillJJ
patienceisoverrated (Aug 3, 2007)
drawn in 5 hours 35 min
dear computer: you are laggy and I hate you.
patienceisoverrated (Aug 4, 2007)
drawn in 3 hours 33 min
dridridreamz (Aug 4, 2007)
oooh this pic is really good without a doubt but i freaks me out...
yesh he def. is tense!! fabulous anatomy. i would die for those skills u have!!
deathking (Aug 4, 2007)
I really want this to win but it needs the ref remember? I hope it wins even if you dont put it there.
patienceisoverrated (Aug 4, 2007)
the ref is under v.2 comments :)

thanks everybody, y'all are too nice.
deathking (Aug 4, 2007)
ohh sorry I didnt notice it
sincity (Aug 4, 2007)
Great piece!!!!! Winner!!! Well I haven't seen any of the other ones yet but I really like this one. :}
davincipoppalag (Aug 4, 2007)
This finished up really well done.
cmb (Aug 4, 2007)
fantastic finish- the skin seems to shimmer with light...
lori (Aug 5, 2007)
whoa this came out soo good
Moosh (Aug 5, 2007)
Damn! o.O Excellent finish. The BG is super neat. :D
mooki (Aug 5, 2007)
holy crap.

this is amazing
nekodesu (Aug 5, 2007)
That is totally insane...

You have mad skills. o_o
Kloxboy (Aug 5, 2007)
Congratulations patienceisoverrated (Jessie) , "tense." is awarded first place for Contest Week 57: Human Figure. This contest was intended to encourage 2Drawers to explore the human figure and the beauty of human anatomy. I'm happy to say that every entry did just that, they all are beautiful examples of the human figure. It's so gratifying to see so many quality entries. Participants were enthusiastic from the get-go and they all put effort into their work, this is exactly what I hope for in each contest. Thank you all for making this particular contest a great success.

patienceisoverrated's piece was awesome from the start, just looking at the first 2 versions, I knew we were in for a treat. There are many unique qualities in this painting, it's an impressive piece on every level. First off, it looks just like the reference but completely overhauled. She took a nearly colorless image and gave it life, that in itself was a skillful feat. The man in the reference looks nearly dead, his skin and expression are pretty devoid of life. Although the pose is dynamic, the figure looks as if it was in the final stages of rigor mortis. Through the addition of warm light and painterly strokes, Jessie resurrected this corpse of an image and gives it a completely new life. By cropping and freeing the figure from the floor, the body seems to now be in motion. No more is the man isolated and centered in the image, now he appears to be dancing and flying through the air. The details in this piece are marvelous, the geometry going on in the background is a great creative touch. The subtle details of accurately rendered veins, muscles and tendons in the body are so cool, it's fun just to look at that portion alone. Jessie chose a reference that looked pretty dead but she knew, all she needed was the tight anatomy and the great pose to produce an awesome figure painting. You did an outstanding job and it's my pleasure to award you first place for this contest.
Punky (Aug 5, 2007)
Congrats on the extremely well deserved win. :D
shalalaheartattack (Aug 5, 2007)
I'm glad this won. I wanted it to win, desperately.
davincipoppalag (Aug 5, 2007)
Congratulations jessie. ..this piece is inredibly wonderful..
PS (Aug 5, 2007)
Yeah, this is amazing work.
Ziggyhbp (Aug 5, 2007)
definitely deserved win.... awesome piece
cmb (Aug 5, 2007)
congratulations- amazing work!
patienceisoverrated (Aug 5, 2007)
hey! Thanks everybody :D
Ziggyhbp (Aug 5, 2007)
this should be in showcase
Anna (Aug 5, 2007)
total greatness :D
Sweetcell (Aug 5, 2007)
So deserving, great piece Jessie, the muscles, tendons, hands. All around greatness. Congratulations.
Wraith (Aug 5, 2007)
Damn! I did not think much of this piece as compared to Moosh's piece, but the Background really made the figure stand out bigtime. Congrats on the win!
Felistorm (Aug 24, 2007)
I for one cannot draw men though I dunno why. This is awesome. Has a silk like texture going on with it and very fluid drawing. Awesome.
DeadlyBlondeArcher (edited Aug 24, 2007)
mmmmmmmm...... hmmmm. He needs a few cookies, but other than that.... mmmmmmmm... HMMM. :)
You are such a talented artist.... please don't let anyone derail you from expanding and mastering your wonderful ability. You have a great future ahead of you as a successful artist if you can "stay on track".

edit: I have to add that I see what appears to be a Leonardo da Vinci inspired background and a Michelangelo-class depiction of anatomy with life... and yet it appears to belong completely to you and your interpretation of things, your style dominates it... it eminates from the digital canvas with finesse and ease... I don't see a struggle (if you had one, don't tell me, I don't want to know) You "got it goin' on, girl". Keep it goin'.
patienceisoverrated (Aug 24, 2007)
Thanks buckets, dba. You're making me all aflutter :)

the backround is actually inspired by my physics notes, which I found on the floor while trying to clean my room and do this at the same time.
Arique (Sep 1, 2007)
Oh my god realism. This is so gooood and I agree with DBA. You're not allowed to stop drawing :)
PS (Oct 20, 2007)
I'm really glad this one got showcased, it's one the best I've seen on here.
metalmartyrdoom (Apr 10, 2008)
Anatomical perfection. Excellent
Roytje (May 18, 2008)
Still one of my favorites.
Kteerbakoon (May 30, 2008)
QTgillie (Jun 1, 2008)
fantabulous....not enough
Lucy90 (Jul 1, 2008)
Holy...this is so actually, WOW!!!
Roxana1890 (Aug 22, 2008)
wow O_O
enirroc (Aug 22, 2008)
This is just....I don't even know. Def. one of my favorites.
Lideeh (Sep 6, 2008)
This is really good...this is art!
montezmaria (Jan 14, 2009)
My gosh, this is breath taking...outstanding and blows me away. There is so much beauty to this. I'm speechless...what an amazing drawing.
Alter.Native (Feb 17, 2009)
One of my favorites on this site.
Aubrey (Jul 8, 2009)
It looks flippin real.
enirroc (Mar 6, 2010)
I know I already commented on this, but it's just amazing. I really love this piece, and it's by far one of my most favorite drawings I've seen on this site. Such an excellent work of art.
Flubbles (Mar 6, 2010)
You expect nothing less from a member of the jet packs.
shell (Mar 6, 2010)
love it
Voodoll (Jun 22, 2010)
montezmaria (Jun 22, 2010)
This is so amazing, I'm just sitting here trying to pick my jaw up off the floor. This deserves the award no doubt! Outstanding skin on this man.
dorothyblueeyes (Jun 24, 2010)
yeah, amazing anatomy,and skin tone.Great!
CodyParker (Jul 27, 2010)
This is my favourite drawing in the whole website... For fucks sake that's gorgeous.
cottlel (Aug 1, 2010)
hooooollly shaaaat that's gorgeous D:
dorothyblueeyes (edited Aug 8, 2010)
Yes, this is such an excellent rendition of the human anatomy, and outer layers of skin,too, with good color. You could easily do scientific or medical illustrations, if you want to. That was a good idea, to encourage figure drawing. (To find pictures of men, I used to buy "Playgirl" magazine, I do not think they still print it; also, I have an old porno book,of gay men in very little clothing (old fashioned,they had modesty then) and I find, gay nude men photos are sometimes good to draw. Or, muscle-builder's magazines. In real life, you can sometimes grab a high school jock, and pay him some money to pose for you. You might need a chaperone, they're still considered "underage."

I did find figure drawing classes, that had nude male models, it was great. Yes,I also think men do not get enough attention as anatomy models and subjects.
shell (May 20, 2011)
this is stunning work, I also love the physics formulas in the background, it makes me remember highschool
lori (Jun 23, 2012)
pieces like this deserve some sort of further recognition than just comments and then they disappear into the past.... there are pieces like that which are great and totally unique and creative... a showcase of those would be great
Teapot (Dec 21, 2014)
I agree, Lori. This is one of those drawings for sure.
clarachan1355 (Jan 1, 2015)
Teapot (Jul 20, 2016)
I look at work of this quality and feel sad that this community and site are dying. I wonder if there is a way to revitalize a digital drawing community. Upgraded software that interfaces with the latest java would be needed.
davincipoppalag (Jul 20, 2016)
Well according to marcello.. java is on the way out and he cant spend a lot of time trying to make what's here work with it..most of the problems seem to be with increased security on the java console and the browsers. He says he is working on a new release that isnt java based though.. I think the people who can still make things work come here sometimes..but most just went by the wayside because they couldnt
Roytje (Jul 29, 2016)
I'm curious what she is doing right now with the arts. She is so talented.
davincipoppalag (Sep 14, 2020)
She really was terrific
deunownartist (Mar 19, 2023)
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