usersLionel Luna Vashronic.
Location: Alberta,Canada,USA
Date of Birth: November 25th, 2002 (20)
Gender: Female
Registered: Mar 4, 2023
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Hai humanity! I am an online and traditional artist. I am Russian/American but I am more Russian than I am American. I live in Alberta,Canada. I am Aro/Non-Binary but I still like to go by She/Her. Some of my art is 13+ for Gore and blood and 18+ for being too sm3gsie but others are okay 4 everyone. I am a furry and a weeb, PLEASE do not send hate to me. I have anxiety and ADHD so please be patient with me. I am in some fandoms such as: Fnaf, Bendy and the ink machine, The disastrous life of Saiki K and Countryhumans. I love horror media and Analog horror. My favorite content creators are: Life of Boris, Deunowncauz, Special edd, Markiplier and Anomaly. Fav games are: John Doe, PURPLE, Frost bite and Something's Wrong With Sunny Day Jack. I am not that good at art so plez dont hate me.
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