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Im younger than most... If you need help or anything you can ask me. Im sorta good at stuff. I'm currently doing requests for free but if you're one of those snippy people who will just be all "I request you color you pictures and make backgrounds and stop sucking" then dont request. I dont need the hurt.. <:( Uhhhh Ima go take a dip in the pool, wanna come? Well you can't cause you wont fit cause my ego is busy filling the whole thing up, badger badger badger, rada rada rada.
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thumbnail giggle, that ponytail is so cute ! bonus:you got my 1st psp comment
Oct 11, 2008
thumbnail I like the bow! welcome, please make more
Aug 21, 2008
thumbnail I think it came out good in the end. I'm so happy with the dynamic pose and the cleanness of this. I...
Aug 20, 2008
thumbnail sorry but we've already decided to collab, im coloring.
Aug 19, 2008
thumbnail super smooth and pretty
Aug 19, 2008
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