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drawn in 4 hours 41 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
38 min
11 min
15 min
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26 min
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28 min
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43 min
22 min
1 hour 10 min
23 min
wk (Feb 23, 2007)
draw a CD cover from one of your favorite bands...
wk (Feb 23, 2007)
drawn in 38 min
As I Lay Dying
senshi (Feb 23, 2007)
Can I join?
wk (Feb 23, 2007)
senshi (Feb 23, 2007)
just pic a square?
senshi (Feb 23, 2007)
drawn in 11 min
Three Days Grace: One-X
And it looks really crappy, but I did it!
cmoon (Feb 23, 2007)
can me????
Ashes (edited Feb 23, 2007)
Awesome collab, great idea. I wish my computer didn't suck, and I could draw on it. -.-;

Edit: No, wk. Can't. I can't even get this mouse to draw a decent line.
Newt (Feb 23, 2007)
Can i join this please?
Kloxboy (Feb 23, 2007)
Too bad the grid is way off, it's a good idea otherwise.
wk (Feb 23, 2007)
cmoon and newt added... yeah the grid is off, and did you want to join ashes?
Punky (Feb 24, 2007)
I will join maybe. :/
Awesome idea, but like Kloxboy said, the grid is messed up.
wk (Feb 24, 2007)
Yeah you can draw your different than the grid, I added you...
xswirvex (Feb 24, 2007)
i want to join
wk (Feb 25, 2007)
ok go ahead
~Wolf~ (Feb 25, 2007)
can i join.
i promise i wont give up this time!
Punky (Feb 26, 2007)
drawn in 15 min
Tokyo Police Club: A Lesson in Crime EP (They're a pretty decent Canadian band :P )
senshi (Feb 26, 2007)
The Tokyo Police Club from Canada?
Deformed (Feb 26, 2007)
Can I try?
Punky (Feb 26, 2007)
Senshi, don't be a smartass.
wk (Feb 27, 2007)
Ok ~wolf and deformed added...
~Wolf~ (Feb 27, 2007)
~Wolf~ (Feb 27, 2007)
drawn in 6 min done soon i gtg!
~Wolf~ (Feb 27, 2007)
drawn in 19 min
no it did not take me that long to do that piece of shit.
i did the whole cover then deleted it.
it looked like a 3 yr old scribble.
i hate my mouse.
you can ask fiesta or drsfan, my mouse is horible.
Trust me.
sorry to waste revisions on that i keep having to leave!
senshi (Mar 1, 2007)
I was just making sure I had it right that the tokyo police club is a canadian band.
frappa (Mar 3, 2007)
can I join too?
wk (Mar 3, 2007)
ok you are added
Deformed (Mar 5, 2007)
drawn in 26 min
Coheed And Cambria
Good Apollo I'm burning Star IV: Volume 1: From Fear Through The Eyes Of Madness
Deformed (Mar 5, 2007)
drawn in 31 sec
Something was bothering me
~Wolf~ (Mar 5, 2007)
why did you do that to my pic deformed.
i didnt want to show my undid stuff.
Deformed (Mar 5, 2007)
I didn't do anything, shit just happens sometimes so suck it up, and get in there and finish it.
frappa (Mar 5, 2007)
drawn in 42 min
frappa (Mar 5, 2007)
drawn in 49 sec
Deformed (Mar 5, 2007)
drawn in 2 min
fixing it
wk (Mar 6, 2007)
I knew you would do coheed and cam lol
Deformed (Mar 6, 2007)
Heh. Well at first I was gonna try to do an Iron Maiden cover, but that would take to long and too much space. Plus I prolly wouldn't have ben able to pull it off anyway, so I want with something simple.
Pieperson (Mar 9, 2007)
Can I do one Please?
wk (Mar 9, 2007)
go ahead...
Pieperson (Mar 10, 2007)
Thanks ^_^
Pieperson (Mar 10, 2007)
drawn in 22 min
It's Lady Sovereign's Vertically Challenged :D
Deformed (Mar 10, 2007)
Heh. Lady Sovereign has an awesome accent.
Chaotic (Mar 18, 2007)
hmmm...looks fun, can I join?
wk (Mar 21, 2007)
Tai_Chi (Mar 26, 2007)
Can I join with Absolution - Muse?
Zeal (May 1, 2007)
Can I join ? If there's any room left,that is ^3^
DIEzombieDIE (May 21, 2007)
May I join as well?
SanzoGirl (May 21, 2007)
Join? D: <333
wk (May 21, 2007)
ok I will add you all...
DIEzombieDIE (May 23, 2007)
drawn in 1 hour 10 min
Miyavi - Miyavizm

[not really quite happy with the way it came out XP I wanted to do MYV*POPS but too much detail. I made myv all fugly XP]
deathking (May 26, 2007)
Can I join, I have this grateful dead cd cover that I wanna do.
Pakasutemanshikuka (May 26, 2007)
If there's any space left? :D

I like the idea of this!
Zeal (Jun 22, 2007)
drawn in 23 min
Nil- The gazette

Mine sucks.
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