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drawn in 29 min with OekakiBBS
taori (Jun 29, 2003)
Number one in the hood, G.

taori (Jun 29, 2003)
drawn in 0sec
taori (Jun 29, 2003)
drawn in 0sec
Genkaiart37 (edited Jun 30, 2003)
im all of a sudden hungry, yeah but a great pic
mkkmypet (edited Jun 30, 2003)
I like meatwad best.
rith (edited Jun 30, 2003)
Eggie (edited Jun 30, 2003)
Lol. Teeth are for gay people.
chocochiko (edited Jun 30, 2003)
w00t!!! O_O Aw, Masta' Shake should be in the front though... T_T Oh well. ^_^ I like it a lot though!!!
Doodlibop (edited Jul 1, 2003)
ATHF! Yippee! Very funny stuff, man. Along with Spaceghost Coast to Coast. I like the fries-guy (forgot his name:/) He's so cool!
SandyDexHamtaro (edited Jul 1, 2003)
Oooooh, I just love Aqua Teen Hunger Force!
"Make the homies say "Ho!" Make the girlies wanna scream!" Haha...nice one, taori.
GEM (edited Jul 27, 2003)
Shake:Dracula bus the bus of the undead!
Frylock:It's just a damn school bus!
Meatwad:it's a reverse vampire
From the Moth monster man episode!
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