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Howdy, youse guys! I love this place, mostly so I can look at all the awesome stuff you guys draw! I haven't visited 2draw in over a year now...*cries* Well, I won't post anything else, but I still love to stare and drool at all the cool pictures!
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thumbnail Cute! Maybe you can add a body? He looks rather behead-ified, but I guess that's how he should stay ...
Oct 18, 2005
thumbnail 2-D SAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNN!!!!! You've left me and Murdoc and gone after some other girl!!! Waaaaaaaaaaa...
Oct 18, 2005
thumbnail Wow, it's cute! ^-^ If my mouth was big enough to fit a whole watermelon inside, I don't know WHAT I...
Oct 18, 2005
thumbnail It's GENIS!!! Who's a GENIOUS!!! lol those words look teh same. ^-^ Anyway, you're improving steadil...
Oct 18, 2005
thumbnail Those darn squirrels and their arsony!! (That's not even a word :P)
Oct 18, 2005
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Jun 17, 2003 Bweee!
May 20, 2003 Hi, all!
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