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drawn in 12 hours with Oekaki Shi-Painter
12 versions
8 hours 12 min
8 versions
4 hours 42 min
sephiroth54321 (Dec 17, 2005)
This was extremely hard to get all of the porportions right...
sephiroth54321 (Dec 17, 2005)
drawn in 25 min
sephiroth54321 (Dec 17, 2005)
drawn in 26 min
Safety-save I'm trying out a new lineart style, (Recomended by Kristine :D) who will be helping me with this...
sephiroth54321 (Dec 17, 2005)
drawn in 1 hour 10 min
Ok your turn kristine...
kristine (edited Dec 17, 2005)
drawn in 32 min
ok phew i thought i lost it there x_x lineart time >;)
i kind of like the idea of how you can tell who drew who :P
sephiroth54321 (Dec 17, 2005)
Yeah this is cool, I've never done a collab like this before :)
kristine (Dec 17, 2005)
drawn in 1 hour 4 min
ive done enough for now, you can go, seph =)
sephiroth54321 (Dec 17, 2005)
nice :) Alright my turn...
sephiroth54321 (Dec 17, 2005)
drawn in 59 min
Can you fix up his arm a bit? It looks wierd...
kristine (Dec 18, 2005)
drawn in 38 min
ishat better?
Deino (Dec 18, 2005)
O.o This is looking really good! Nice idea for a collab!

I desesperately need Before Crisis ;(
JK-Arts (Dec 18, 2005)
looks good i'm loving they style very coola'
Punky (Dec 18, 2005)
I like all the bold black shading/shadows on the jackets, looks very much like a comic book. :)
impolsion (Dec 18, 2005)
That's one big ass gun o_o
hideyourface (Dec 18, 2005)
hmm, their hands are kinda.. gigantic.
anarie (Dec 18, 2005)
My life.... is complete.... -droolage- <33 Turklove!
Love the shading and stuff. Yus.
inatyrb (Dec 18, 2005)
fucking sweet! I like things like this. This is definatly awesome!
Rudeezy (Dec 18, 2005)
Oh man, this rules! I wish I could help. :3
kristine (edited Dec 18, 2005)
yeah, in the ref we are using, the hands are huge =P
the hands are almost identical to the ref, though
JK-Arts (Dec 18, 2005)
one day some one will be using our pictures as a refrence.
sephiroth54321 (Dec 18, 2005)
The_8th_Square (Dec 18, 2005)
Fantastic. I can't stop looking at it, it's so pretty. :] No complaints here, though hideyourface is right, the dude's hand is rather large. The gun is too, but usually you can get away with that, as you may be drawing a fantasy gun that just happens to be huge. :P
sephiroth54321 (Dec 18, 2005)
drawn in 1 hour 14 min
I can't seem to get the shading right on the suit :(
anarie (Dec 18, 2005)
you will never know how happy that reference makes me. it's immeasurable. <33 -moreturklove-
oh, and i love you two as well. because anyone who draws the turks (and, of course, cloud!soldier and living!zack) gets love. -renorudezacktsengLOVE-
sephiroth54321 (Dec 18, 2005)
heh, thnx
kristine (edited Dec 18, 2005)
the_8th_square, if you look at the reference picture, the gun she is holding is uber huge...i guess she just likes big guns ;) but it and his hand are pretty much right as far as the size ;)
sephiroth54321 (Dec 18, 2005)
drawn in 41 min
Does this look good?
kristine (edited Dec 18, 2005)
yep =) this is going to take FOREVER!
Rudeezy (Dec 18, 2005)
The picture might take forever but it sure will look good in the end! (*hint* I don't mind helping. *hint*)
sephiroth54321 (Dec 18, 2005)
Thnx for the offer, but no because if we have alot of people doing this it will look really strange. :/
kristine (Dec 18, 2005)
drawn in 56 min
holy bajeezus.
sephiroth54321 (Dec 18, 2005)
Ok I don't know who ima draw next, but thnx for fixing up Reno. The lines look a bit scetchy but i'll fix that up :)
anarie (Dec 18, 2005)
tseeeeng. <3
...You know I'm totally going to comment everytime a new turk or SOLDIER pops up. XDD
Draw Ruuuuude. <3333 Or not, you know, whatever. XD
kristine (Dec 19, 2005)
rudes coming up reeeeeal soon ;) you can see his beginning sketch in the background =P
sephiroth54321 (Dec 19, 2005)
Yep I'm drawing Rude next anyway :)
kristine (Dec 19, 2005)
drawn in 24 min
i think he is in the applet too O_O
Punky (Dec 19, 2005)
It looks kickass so far, keep it up! ;)
fleeting_memory (Dec 19, 2005)
This is quite an endevor you two have taken on. Good luck it looks awesome so far.
kristine (Dec 19, 2005)
i have a feeling this wont be done for a month XP
kristine (edited Dec 19, 2005)
drawn in 18 min
the tools are actin' up :\
*edit* we are either going to need to finish it ALL in the next revision, or ask for more space :/
sephiroth54321 (edited Dec 20, 2005)
We need more space :) But remember we have to fix up each others drawings so they all look the same. I'll can fix up some stuff on yours, you already fixed things on mine :)
sephiroth54321 (Dec 20, 2005)
drawn in 1 hour 5 min
Fixed up Reno a bit, I'll start working on Rude later. And I also memo'd Mai about space...
sephiroth54321 (Dec 20, 2005)
drawn in 10 min
lol kristine, why did you think we were both in the applet?
mazi (Dec 20, 2005)
impressive. really liking the black and white look of this. :)
sephiroth54321 (edited Dec 21, 2005)
thnx, Reno looks kinda wierd but that might change once the color is added...
sephiroth54321 (Dec 20, 2005)
drawn in 53 min
Started on Rude...
sephiroth54321 (Dec 21, 2005)
drawn in 24 min
JK-Arts (Dec 22, 2005)
Where is Kristine i'm getting worried haven't seen her around for some time now, Where are you ?
sephiroth54321 (Dec 22, 2005)
haha, I dunno but ima go on without her :0
sephiroth54321 (Dec 23, 2005)
drawn in 38 min
I suppose I'm done with Rude, Ima work on Reno's hair until your done with your char kristine...
kristine (Dec 27, 2005)
drawn in 11 min
sephiroth54321 (Dec 29, 2005)
Who am I drawing next?
kristine (Dec 30, 2005)
=o no more reference!! O_o
kristine (Mar 12, 2006)
drawn in 35 min
<:( tools stopped working.

try to get some more space and get a lot done in the next revision, and i'll try to get everythig i need to do done after that.
sephiroth54321 (Mar 13, 2006)
YAY :p alright...i'll ask mai...
Maiko (Mar 13, 2006)
space granted :B
Gigandas (Mar 13, 2006)
I 'finally' saw AC yesterday! It was friggin awesome...I think the best scene was where Loz or Yazoo smashes Rude's sunglasses and Rude is all disappointed until he stands up and grabs a new pair out of his business suit to put on, like, "ah well, here's my backup pair."
FF7 truly is the best in the series :).
Pakasutemanshikuka (Mar 13, 2006)
That scene Is the best of the bestest, Gigandas XD;; I absolutely love it ToT;;

But, I have been looking for this pic for a long time :O and I really want to see it finished.. the style is really, very cool. *adores*
PS. Very cool poses ;]
Maiko (Mar 13, 2006)
haha, I liked the scene where Reno was climbing up the wall to the midgar highway, and then rude tries to follow and falls off XD;
Rude was like...Comic relief :B <3
sephiroth54321 (Mar 13, 2006)
thnx Pak....yeah giga that scene made me laugh fav scene though is when rufus comes out in the wheelchair and he's talking to cloud. He looks so EVIL in that scene! very cool...
kristine (Mar 28, 2006)
Holy shinz.why do i keep forgetting about this?! i'll get to work on it in a bit :B
sephiroth54321 (Mar 28, 2006)
me too D: ok no more slacking
DoOp (Mar 28, 2006)
xD you really need to finish this =0 it's really nice so far :)
sephiroth54321 (Mar 28, 2006)
yeah :) XD
sephiroth54321 (Jun 29, 2006)
drawn in 1 min
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