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drawn in 5 hours 36 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
Showcase entry!
TRIP (Dec 8, 2005)
this will take all night
TRIP (Dec 8, 2005)
drawn in 2 hours 31 min
staci (Dec 8, 2005)
you are so good
BunnySlippers (Dec 8, 2005)
Woah... I like the pose, it's all woosh! Finish soon! :D
davincipoppalag (Dec 8, 2005)
First EB!! Yay.. I'm lovin this so far!
Moosh (Dec 8, 2005)
<3 <3 <3
TaCO (Dec 8, 2005)
O.O I think I love you???
sephiroth54321 (Dec 8, 2005)
hideyourface (Dec 8, 2005)
you can really sense the motion.
~E.U.R.O.B.E.A.T.~ (Dec 8, 2005)
You... are an artistic genius.
TRIP (Dec 8, 2005)
drawn in 57 min
I never mentioned that delter was a professional breakdancer in a past life. He was called 'Blue Collar Quail'
LisaAnne (Dec 8, 2005)
I heart you for doing this....break dancing and hip hop are the best.
taori (Dec 8, 2005)
i am crazy for your work. it is aesthetically perfect and it oozes personality. repeat... i am crazy for it.
kristine (edited May 4, 2006)
i love the POV. absolutely stunning.
TRIP (Dec 8, 2005)
drawn in 1 hour 42 min
color dynamics
kristine (Dec 8, 2005)
very interesting. im going to keep an eye on this one ;)
TRIP (Dec 8, 2005)
drawn in 21 min
well this came out pretty darn spiffy.
Kloxboy (edited Dec 8, 2005)
This is so excellent! Your line work rocks, your coloring, your style, WOW. Great job! "She's most amazing!" says I.
DinoFlorist (Dec 8, 2005)
You have a lot of talent to be able to compose like this. Great work!
Creature201 (Dec 8, 2005)
You never cease to amaze me
IkariIreuL (Dec 8, 2005)
Oh reminds of some high quality anime video.
Caddris (Dec 8, 2005)
That's my dream-man: A guy in a shirt and tie, break dancing.
sincity (Dec 8, 2005)
AWESOME!!!! I just found this, wondering if you were let in. Good to see you here. :} Great job.
davincipoppalag (Dec 8, 2005)
You never disappoint!! Fabulous..Showcase! Congrats
safescene (Dec 8, 2005)
staci (Dec 9, 2005)
jesus tap dancing christ. i love pieces like creative, so polished.
Axil62 (Dec 9, 2005)
You are so fucking cool. Hats off to you! :)
Hakkai (Dec 9, 2005)
D= I love you, but envy you at the same time. I love the style, the background, and everything!!

P.s. How many fingers does he have on his right hand? =D
kristine (Dec 9, 2005)
<3 it! congratulations! i knew it would be showcased!
Deino (Dec 9, 2005)
Wuoralez X) x) You can even feel the movement!
TRIP (Dec 9, 2005)
eek, sorry that shadow looks too much like a finger @_@ thanks for pointing that out. I'll fix it in an edit I've been meaning to do later. Thanks for the compliments everyone :)
TRIP (Dec 9, 2005)
drawn in 3 min
fleeting_memory (Dec 9, 2005)
I agree it *did* come out pretty darn spiffy. I love your attention to background detail. I love your cartoon art-awesome
Miss_DJ (Dec 10, 2005)
truly excellent! love the style and colors! fun draw!
saucy (Dec 11, 2005)
:O... I love you.
kejoco (Dec 11, 2005)
Very fitting of the elite bastards board
Ty854 (Dec 11, 2005)
Insanely awesome. The guy dancing with the beer makes me chuckle.
darkshadow (Dec 12, 2005)
this totaly kicks asss
great colors movement
Renuar (edited Dec 12, 2005)
mad skillz, you have.
SYTHE (Dec 13, 2005)
Very dynamic! Nice work.
HunterKiller_ (Dec 19, 2005)
Fucking awesome.
NoRainDrops (Mar 12, 2006)
I'm pretty sure I'm in love with this picture.
Mal (Apr 16, 2006)
I love it I love everything about it awesome job.
cianteed2 (Jun 11, 2006)
one of my favourite drawings by one of my favourite artists on this site!
JK-Arts (Nov 18, 2007)
Whoa thats awsome.
mannie (Jul 2, 2008)
I love the colors! :>
Alter.Native (Mar 28, 2009)
This needs to be on the front page again!
davincipoppalag (Nov 12, 2021)
and it is
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