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Date of Birth: June 26th, 1986 (37)
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Caddris was born to a poor seamstress and her husband, an equally impoverished woodcutter. In spite of the abject poverty and horrendous dental and medical plan into which Caddris was born, he grew into a stunningly handsom ayoung man with ebony hair, emerald eyes, and teeth that were so incredibly healthy that they would put a dentist out of work. Caddris and his poor parents lived happily together in a simple cottage at the edge of an enchanted wood until one afternoon, when Caddris was a mere seventeen years of age, his father and mother disapeared rather mysteriously, suddenly, and all together quite abruptly. When Caddris returned from his work as a lowly stable hand to a wealthy and cold-hearted feif lord who was stunningly ugly, had white hair, filmy eyes, and teeth that would fund a dentist's three children all the way from diapers to medical school, he found that his mother had suddenly left her seamstressing in the midst of darning a sock and his father had vanished wilst spliting wood. All that was left for poor Caddris were sorch marks and a green dragon scale. From this Caddris knew that his parents were abducted by the evil, nasty, and otherwise wholly unpleasant sorcerer, Rogdenor, who lived in the Mountains of Mourning. Ever since that dispised day, Caddris has been a quest to track down the sorcerer Rogdenor and rescue his parents from his evil grasp. Currently, he's a bit off mark and was last seen wandering around Annvile, PA. He has not given up hope yet and knows in his heart of hearts that he will succeed in his quest.
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thumbnail I like it. It's a very cute dragon. I can't quite tell, so forgive my asking, but did you use diff...
Jul 14, 2009
thumbnail Awww! This is a very good draw. Makes me want to reach out ant pet it!
My friend has pet rats and...
Jul 14, 2009
thumbnail =O I want to go there!
Jul 13, 2009
thumbnail D'awwww! I love what this turned into. Very cute.
Jul 11, 2009
thumbnail I love this! Everything about it is beautiful, but I especially love her hair.
Jul 11, 2009
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