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drawn in 1 hour 23 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
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Maiko (Nov 22, 2005) — edit
LoL, an Idea that Zer had XD
I finally drew it

Maiko (Nov 22, 2005)
drawn in 1 hour 21 min
Ty854 (Nov 22, 2005)
Hahah cool idea!
Fobix (Nov 22, 2005)
Lol Mai! I envy you so! Great Idea :D
kristine (Nov 22, 2005)
awww this is cute ^^
kitty25 (Nov 22, 2005)
this is soo cute ! .i love this
Sasuke-fan-Sapphire (Nov 22, 2005)
cuuuute X3
xiau (Nov 22, 2005)
Wow, great job! So cuuute... and I absolutely LOVE the shading X3
mybettastorm (Nov 22, 2005)
Qwerty_Wittle_Fawah (Nov 22, 2005)
That is such an awesome idea...and its adorable...but everything I said was already said :-/
IkariIreuL (Nov 22, 2005)
haha, just want to comment for this.
HunterKiller_ (Nov 22, 2005)
Firefox owns.
Rudeezy (Nov 22, 2005)
wow, that's just awesome.
Caddris (Nov 22, 2005)
TeeHee! Shouldn't it be "Maizilla?"
. . .Bad pun. I should be punished for that one.
Anyway, this is adorable. I really love the lighting on the tail.
Maiko (Nov 22, 2005)
omg >_> that's the name I needed...

I love you
Maiko (Nov 22, 2005)
drawn in 1 min
Zeal (Nov 22, 2005)
heheh a play on firefox plugin? lol its awesome
staci (Nov 22, 2005)
that is just extremely cute.
woah_pockster (Nov 22, 2005)
roflmao awesome I WANT THAT HOT PROGRAM

it there a "make-you-sexy-in-a-click" plugin? :0 I need that.
SanzoGirl (Nov 25, 2005)
FireFox! :D
Prettylilies (Nov 28, 2005)
OMg kawaii!
Faul (Jan 22, 2006)
hahaha funny
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