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drawn in 1 hour 4 min with Lascaux Sketch
kamidake26 (May 26, 2003)
said the convict to the council.

not yet done, didnt realize how much extra strain the larger canvas is putting on my computer, memory leak, or just too many pixels?
anyhow, saving before a crash.

~~EDIT 2~~
and I think I'm done.. I just wanted to adust the ropes a bit, it would've been easy for him to get away the way it was.. and I didnt want it to look like he was doing this for asthetic reasons :P hehe
kamidake26 (May 26, 2003)
drawn in 0sec
Shiek (edited May 27, 2003)
Super-nifty! I like the sketchiness and angsty-ness of it all. The ropes look like they're really hanging him up. Even if you didn't continue with it, it'd still be t3h r0xx0r.
marcello (edited May 27, 2003)
I highly recommend using no less than Java 2 v1.4.1 if you're gonna go for large canvases. Also, good computer specs.
As for memory leaks, that's difficult in Java, but click on the little info button in the toolbar and you can see how much memory java is using (overall, not just lascaux).
mazi (edited May 27, 2003)
SandyDexHamtaro (edited May 27, 2003)
Whoo! Mad...whatever it is...! ???.... Anyway, he looks P.O.'d.
Einz (edited May 27, 2003)
very cool
furyofroy (edited May 27, 2003)
aarg...I'm jealous. :)
kamidake26 (May 27, 2003)
drawn in 0sec
Ari (edited May 30, 2003)
Wow. Cool! Love the eyes! This is an awesome drawing (as always).
safescene (Oct 3, 2003)
gah, I love this...a lot...that's all I have to say
bumpinthenight (May 26, 2004)
kool stuff.... needs to be colored!!!
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