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Suring you could be drawing a bloated car mishandling a psychopathic swing, right now?
Or an English can flying around a sneezing transvestite with a friend?
Or an enormous pumpkin trotting without an American cat?
Or a silly rabid dog leaping with a hunky musical instrument?
Or an incredibly dull termite freezing a yellow idiot in the name of all things evil?
Or a beautiful axe traveling over a funky fireman?
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thumbnail very very cool sword, reminds me of umm.. what is it.. some blade cloud gets in FF8. I think its one...
Oct 6, 2003
thumbnail I have been..... I.. um.. Iduno actually ^^; just around, a bit busy with things. I had lost the l...
Oct 2, 2003
thumbnail haha, thats great. gotta love crossovers :D I have to ask the significance of the poster in the back...
Oct 2, 2003
thumbnail I wanna add onnnneeeee :D
Oct 2, 2003
thumbnail this looks reeeeally good, I like the style, looks so... painty :D
Oct 2, 2003
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