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DinoFlorist (edited Jan 26, 2011)
Welcome to the 2Draw Contest Board, formerly known as the theme board.

I am excited that 2draw can now offer weekly contests! The contests will run for a limited time (for example: 10pm friday to 10pm next friday). The contest subjects will vary from week to week, as well as rules and other submission criteria, so please read the the rules of the particular contest and make sure you submit relevent pictures within the time frame allotted. Any unrelated or late enteries will be moved to the appropriate board. You must draw your picture on the contest board (however you might be able to get a mod to move it for you if you accidentally started it on a different one.

Besides being able to show off your abilities, these contests offer you a chance to be distinguished as a "contest winner!" At the present time, 2draw is not set up to allow special 'contest winner' icons to be placed by your name, but there will be an official list and when Marcello makes the change to allow it, all contest winners will get a prestigious 'contest winner' icon.

We encourage all skill levels to enter the contest, but clearly uninspired entries will be moved. Skill is not the only factor that is weighted, so creative entries have a chance to win as well. Subjects are to be adhered to in spirit, but are not entirely rigid. Be creative, inspired, and have fun!


Week 1 Rosemary: trumpet nosed brollyboogle's
Week 2 Alex-Cooper: Automobile Induced Paralysis Haunts my Subconcious.
Week 3 Alex-Cooper: EX-TER-MIN-ATE!
Week 4 Shanghai: We're All Mad Here
Week 5 Thug: clifford the big red pooping dog
Week 6 DeadlyBlondeArcher: Southern Belles
Week 7 kristine: Masquerade
Week 8 GundamWing: M.T.G.
Week 9 Ty854: rawr!
Week 11 DarkCloak: A normal day at school
Week 12 patienceisoverrated: Yellow
Week 13 zep: zepalien
Week 14 Sweetcell: Metropolis
Week 15 viper: forest spirit
Week 16 Zack: guard drone [warrior bot]
Week 17 viper: sonic kong
Week 18 Kayos: BloodLust
Week 19 Kayos: A dark and hazy forest
Week 20 BunnySlippers: Camoufler
Week 21 Cloxboy: Wanna soda?
Week 22 Axil and Orkdoop: toast
Week 23 Priszcilla: Fun in the Sun
Week 24 eevildeeva: A slight distortion of the truth
Week 25 Silvair: Linus-Peanuts
Week 26 Luka: Mamaie
Week 27 DeadlyBlondeArcher: HEy'aLL
Week 28 pyrobarbie: heaven
Week 29 elly: The Silver Tree Stands Alone
Week 30 Miss_DJ: Dragon Lady
Week 31 kejoco: Possible Zombification
Week 32 viper: pumpkin
Week 33 Moosh: :D
Week 34 kejoco: The Drag Off
Week 35 sal: 3 witches
Week 36 DarkCloak: Those Loving memories
Week 37 Sweetcell: Memories
Week 38 Moosh: Amor Victorious Caravaggio
Week 39 Shanghai: Tahei
Week 40 Dr.Snoopy: Santa
Week 41 Sweetcell: The Powerpuff Girls
Week 42 Orkdoop: Jean Harlow
Week 43 zep: listen to my heartbeat...
Week 44 patienceisoverrated: albertrhino
Week 45 davincipoppalag: The Creation of Zoraw
Week 46 Silvair: Fallen
Week 47 PS: I DON'T want you
Week 48 Silvair: hmm
Week 49 TheCrimsonKing: Ashley Judd
Week 50 Sal: Oh Noes
Week 51 PS: Mountain top city
Week 52 PolythenePam: Sunday Sunrise
Week 53 Axil62: vaginal warts
Week 54 solve: Without a face
Week 55 Mr.Moony: gorilla
Week 56 TripleE313: You'll Get What U Deserve
Week 57 patienceisoverrated: tense.
Week 58 mooki: Quizical
Week 59 sweet_insanity: sugar, spice and everything nice.
Week 60 Hokori: Zenker's Degeneration
Week 61 HolyCow: Fall
Week 62 Silvair: Moon Festival
Week 63 davincipoppalag: Nosferatu
Week 64 Maiko: Gyuuki
Week 65 Silvair: Drown
Week 66 lamamo: Cityscape
Week 67 somebody: When pigs fly?
Week 68 enjoydotcom: Join
Week 69 elly: Eye of Bull
Week 70 jpjp1052: Storm Chaser
Week 71 jpjp1052: Out to Lunch
Week 72 Deino: Ce n'est pas un dragon
Week 73 Marfin: I Robot
Week 74 QTgillie: Sitting Area
Week 75 Shanghai: Gigantoise, Eater of Trees
Week 76 Punky: denizen of the mist
Week 77 xswirvex: Lovely Butt
Week 78 Flubbles: Untitled
Week 79 QTgillie: Untitled
Week 80 Dr.Moony: Remix
Week 81 Dr.Moony: Van Something
Week 82 Flubbles: Skinless Portrait
Week 83 cyclops: frankfurterstein
Week 84 xswirvex: The Real Zoid
Week 85 HiroDaZero: haunting
Week 86 Flubbles: WIN
Week 87 bette_davis_eyes: The Vigil
Week 88 cyclops: lowghoe
Week 90 patienceisoverrated: we've found the end of the world
Week 91 bette_davis_eyes: Painted Face
Week 92 cyclops: week 92
Week 93 QTgillie: What War Means to Me
Week 94 thedarkcloak: E is for... Executioner - The Story of Edmund the Executioner
Week 95
Week 96 cyclops: Zippie
Week 97 Kloxboy : Mr. Blooders
Week 98 Roytje: supernatural
Week 99 Itchymonkey: procras...
Week 100 Itchymonkey: supposedly well known to me
Week 101 Moosh: irol & Teapot: I Imagine This
Week 102 Kanuto: untitled
Week 103 Artsy: untitled
Week 104 Artsy: falling
Week 105
Week 106 Shults: red and green
Week 107 Bubblicious: ink dreams
Week 108 Dr.Moony: moonbot#0
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