boardsbeginnermy attempt to draw 2-D! YAY!
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drawn in 2 hours 55 min with PaintBBS
5 versions
2 hours 20 min
35 min
BSOD (Jul 17, 2005)
2-D! I'm much better on paper O.o'' SG inspired me when we were role playing with the gorillaz. I had to play all of them plus myself! anyways long story short...wait... that was the long story short.... never mind...
BSOD (Jul 17, 2005)
drawn in 49 min
squee (Jul 17, 2005)
and a great attempt!
hideyourface (Jul 17, 2005)
his neck should be thinner, and straight.
Gothic_Otaku (Jul 17, 2005)
Now everyone's drawing 2-D... xD
BSOD (edited Jul 17, 2005)
lol I actually was just role playing with SG XD cute 2-D picture by the way! and: i'M COLLECTING PICTURES OF 2-D SO PLEASE DRAW ME FAN ART! that will be all for now XD thankyou!

ps: well I'm not done yet.... this is just a doodle... and I can't color 2-D's hair or anything right for that matter.. * cries*

That would be great! I'll memo you!
Gothic_Otaku (edited Jul 17, 2005)
I drew 2-D's head on photoshop with a heart next to his name. >w< <3 I could sign it, upload it and give it to you. <3 Also I have more than 100 Gorillaz pics saved on my computer, and 80% have 2-D in them...
kawaii_otaku323 (Jul 17, 2005)
Ah~! I love that video~! xD Snaps 2 BSOD
SanzoGirl (edited Jul 19, 2005)
Makes my drawing of 2-D look like crap. xD Good Job Chiisu! :3
BSOD (Jul 17, 2005)
drawn in 36 min
Gothic_Otaku (Jul 17, 2005)
2-D looks asian in the left side version of him. xD
Maiko (Jul 18, 2005)
very nice :3 I like the middle one the best
Gothic_Otaku (Jul 18, 2005)
The middle one's ear is blue.
BSOD (Jul 18, 2005)
That's cause I'm not done yet :D the middle does look better... I need to redo the one on the left.... wah! my familly is coming over today so It might be delayed...
BSOD (Jul 18, 2005)
drawn in 43 min
Still not done! now he looks like a little kid! WHY?! I'll fix later... cousins are over...
SanzoGirl (Jul 18, 2005)
The one on the left does look asian....It's Noodle dressed up as 2-D! :D
BSOD (Jul 18, 2005)
Hey SG do you think you could help me a bit on the coloring? I'm trying to fix the asian 2-D's head but it's not going so well... and I messed up on coloring... okay? * puppy dog eyes* pwease!
BSOD (Jul 18, 2005)
drawn in 1 min
SanzoGirl (Jul 18, 2005)
Damn thoes puppy dog eyes always work. >__> Okay.
But! You have to help me on my drawing of 2-D. >:D
BSOD (Jul 18, 2005)
Already taken care of! I need to work on asian 2-D though D: darn it!
BSOD (Jul 18, 2005)
drawn in 9 min
redid asian again... SG's gunna color XD * eats brownie and draws picture of Dead Pilot G2 kissing 2-D's cheeck* OMG!
SanzoGirl (Jul 18, 2005)
drawn in 35 min
Middle: Hello Kinky
-Shirt:Princess <3 *
-Hat:I am Pretty

xD Yay! Done. ^_^
BSOD (Jul 18, 2005)
oh mih gawd! 2-D's 23!!!!! * dies* that's way too old! wah!!!! * cries* why 2-D why D:?!
Gothic_Otaku (Jul 18, 2005)
2-D's like 27.
SanzoGirl (Jul 19, 2005)
No, 2-D is 23.
Your just realizing that now Chiisu!? I've known that, and I don't even like him as much as you do! D:
BSOD (Jul 19, 2005)
I can't believe it! he's way older than me! I always thought he was like 15 O_O''
Gothic_Otaku (edited Jul 19, 2005)
He couldn't be 15 because he smokes.

And 2-D would never wear that stuff. :gonk:
BSOD (Jul 19, 2005)
lol he did wear the hello kinky shirt in one of the music video's though :D
SanzoGirl (Jul 19, 2005)
I know he wouldn't wear the pink stuff, that was just a joke. But I saw a picture of him wearing army clothes. :3
Gothic_Otaku (Jul 20, 2005)
Yeah but not turtlenecks.... =/
BSOD (Jul 20, 2005)
where did you see him wearing army cloths! I wanna see D:
Gothic_Otaku (edited Jul 20, 2005)

Here it is, 2-D in army clothes...I think.
BSOD (Jul 21, 2005)
Woah... he looks like a hippie there O_O'' XD
SanzoGirl (Jul 22, 2005)
Yea, he kinda does.
BSOD (Jul 22, 2005)
:D he needs to shave a bit too XD
SanzoGirl (Aug 4, 2005)
Yea. xD I just bought the new Gorillaz CD.
BSOD (Aug 6, 2005)
* mouth drops open* ......d-demon days? DARN YOU!!!!!!! By the way... I have a present for joo :D it's a book and it's really good...manga :D sorry it got a little scratched up... bermuda isn't very safe... I got hit twice... more like I fell down twice and droped the book cause I was in a rush.... but it wasn't damaged :D come over and I'll give it to joo
SanzoGirl (Aug 6, 2005)
Yay! Yea, hehe, I like Rock The House, thats my favorite song on the CD. They don't have the shoe shine song on it! D:
BSOD (edited Aug 11, 2005)
Yeah... that one's on the 19-2000 cd :D you can get it at ... my favorite song was el manana :O
SanzoGirl (edited Aug 8, 2005)
I haven't listened to that one yet....My favorites are Feel Good INC., DARE, White Light. :D
BSOD (Aug 6, 2005)
lol You didn't like the music video to rock the house :D I like White light too... I also like November has come! I wish I had the CD D: I'm not very inspired now a days.... and I can't spend so much time on the computer or my butt's gunna rott on the seat :DDDD lol I <3 2-D :DDDD
SanzoGirl (Aug 14, 2005)
I hate the Rock the House video. Murdoc scares me so much! D:>
sephiroth54321 (edited Aug 14, 2005)
I don't really like the Gorillaz...they're weird....
SanzoGirl (Aug 14, 2005)
I like them. :3
BSOD (Aug 14, 2005)
They're weird yet.... 2-D's really cute D: by the way I'm collecting pictures of him if joo want to draw one of him Sephiroth :DD but you don't have to if you don't feel like it :D
whitebunny1063 (Nov 19, 2005)
2-D is 27 years old,today. Great job doing him!
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