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Bonjour mon ami~! Ehm...that's French for 'hello my friend~!'....<.< right, anyways, about me, right? Well, I'm a manga-ka for starters. My favorite animals are wolves. Then bird of prey. I like alternative rock, but I'm none too picky. J'adore manga et anime. (J'adore means I love...) And I've just recently started taking guitar lessons w/my tres bon guitar. (er, means wonderful i guess...)

I love drawing, but I'm just a newbie at photoshop sort of stuff. ^__^U If you've got advise, it would make my heart smile degozaru yo ^_^. Also, my weaknesses are shading and creases and stuff in clothing, so if you might want to be so very kind, it would be tres bon if you could look out for some tips to give me. ^_^U

Also, I'm taking French in school, and that's why there's so much francais in this profile. ^_~

Oh yeah, my favorite anime of all time is Rurouni Kenshin, and my favorite manga of all time is Kare Kano. I'm also reading Harry Potter over again before the Half Blood Prince is out. ^__^

The manga I'm most productive with is called Boy Needs Stage, and it's a strange storry about a celebrity samurai kid on a forgotten country in present age named Genki Mayumi. Tres (very) confusing to the uninformed so I've been told, so just try to go along with it. ^_~ I'm on page 85 or 86 of it right now.

My second manga is a manga called Warriors of the Eclipse, which I'm doing with a very close friend of mine. It's a fantasy about 6 mages (they're all girls) and how they come together and do some encredible stuff. It may sound cheesy now, but trust me - it's not. Since I'm doing this manga with a partner who's more like president and I being vice-president, I don't feel like I'm bragging to say I think of it as a real masterpiece. ^___^ ~!

Anyways, that's really all I can think of saying right now, but if you'd like to learn about my manga in more details, you can check them out at , and degozaru yo~! xD sayonara!!!! ja ne!!!!!! be safe!!!!!!!
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thumbnail I love their hair~! ^o^ You see so little good Inu Yasha fan art these days...
Jul 29, 2005
thumbnail You're! >< J'adore j'adore j'adore... (it's french)
Jul 29, 2005
thumbnail I AM SO IN LOVE!!!!!! xD ...echem, sori. -.-u
Jul 29, 2005
thumbnail Nice graffiti ^^ (did i even spell that right?!? O.o;;)
Jul 29, 2005
thumbnail I wuv it ^^
Jul 17, 2005
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