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Uhm... I've been drawing for 8 years...and I'm pretty good I think xD... School's getting pretty tough though now that I'm trying really hard... There are some things below that I like and a few that I don't like:

Favorites ( likes):

Favorite manga: right now, SOUL EATER
Favorite Song: Drive my Soul by lights
Favorite band(s): eh, throw a band at me, I'll probably like them
Favorite art supplies:TABLET COMPUTER. And oil paint :]
Favorite movie: Serenity

Being interrupted
people who ask me when I'm expecting *I'm not pregnant...*
people who repeat things to me over, and over, and OVER again
I have a lot of pet peeves haha!

Got a question, message me, though I'll probably not be on alot, I have an IM, message me there and state who you are and why you're messaging me. THANKS <3
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thumbnail c: very pretty <3
Oct 13, 2009
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Oct 12, 2009
thumbnail c: very nice <3
Oct 10, 2009
thumbnail oooohhhh I like the colorrsss c: <3
Oct 10, 2009
thumbnail very nice Kanji c:
Oct 10, 2009
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