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drawn in 32 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
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marcello (Apr 22, 2003) — edit
well then, finished. The timer is off by about 2 hours, I had to reload the page a couple times.
marcello (Apr 22, 2003)
drawn in 0sec
Ellu (edited Apr 22, 2003)
Ooh! Spirited away! I know what it is in three languages.
Japanese: Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi
English: Spirited Away
Finnish: Henkien k?tkem?
RabidMalikFanGirl (edited Apr 22, 2003)
EEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!!!!! I luv Spirited Away!!!! *hugs Marcello* Haku rocks :)
method3 (edited Apr 22, 2003)
i think this could look really great in black and white myself, but as you always say to me, it's your picture =P definetly add some more to this!
Tesia-chan (edited Apr 22, 2003)
I LOVE SPIRITED AWAY! That's the most awesome-est movie ever! Lovelovelove! I like it, he's the niftyest monster of 'em all. 'Cept maybe Haku, who's not really a monster... Oh, well, great pic!
Mnemosyne (edited Apr 22, 2003)
In French they call it: Le voyage de Chihiro
In Russian they call it: Unesenniye Prizrakami
In Spanish they call it: El viaje de Chihiro
In Chinese they call it: Shen Yim Shao Niu
(they don't all translate to 'Spirited Away')

And yes, I'm the type of person who is amused by demented things like seeking out the title of a movie in languages she doesn't even speak, and Has no desire to watch the movie in. I'm easily amused.
darkk_angel (edited Apr 22, 2003)
interesting..... leave it as it is, or color it in black white and shades of grey
marcello (Apr 22, 2003)
drawn in 0sec
coffeejelly (edited Apr 22, 2003)
me likes :D
RabidMalikFanGirl (edited Apr 23, 2003)
And I'm the strange demented person that names her Neopet Kohakusui...

BTW, My bro says I'm kinda weird with the Gundam Wing series because if you asked me, I could probably give you Heero's Height, Weight, Blood type, etc.
Xodiak (edited Apr 23, 2003)
it looks very cute Marcello! I like the colours, they look super soft! >:D
great drawing! >:p
Nanibunny (edited Apr 23, 2003)
o o oo o spirited away was a good movie ^.^ . . . awesome pic too's ^.^
Tesia-chan (edited Apr 24, 2003)
Ameraq (edited Apr 25, 2003)
OOOOH! wow....^.^
dolphingal12 (edited Aug 9, 2003)
ooooo i luv this movie especially Haku i think he is hot i know it is weird obsessing over anime characters but that is what i do for a livivg!
Krystiana (Nov 17, 2003)
Great movie, great character, great piccie. ^_^
LKC22 (Apr 6, 2004)
omG! great movie=kewl picture *thumbs up*
Cordelia_Pink (Aug 22, 2004)
AHHHHH!!!!!!!!! I have NO FACE!!!! ahhh! lol great job.
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