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A Large bear threw-up a live pineapple. The pineapple was singing lullabys, when the bear went to sleep on top of the scholorly monk. "suffication" cried parrots, overlooking the insanity,
The Monk began to snort and flatulate under the bears possterior. All of a tinkle, the bear frantically scrambled eggs for the gassious snorteus monk.

You see what fun creating a story is when each person only gets to add one word?...kinda like Bushido style toilets....*cheap commercial singers*they can kick your ass while you crap....*cheap commercial singers trail off, screaming and crashing is heard in background followed by the flushing of a toilet and a loud sigh* ....yeah.

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thumbnail It's soooooo CUTE!!! *hugs it*

*Lyrica and Sarah make incoherent cooeing noises*
Kawaii desu!
Apr 7, 2005
thumbnail apparently Cam is your weakness, is there something you want to tell me, steve?
Sarah: out of all t...
Apr 6, 2005
thumbnail AISHITEIRU HIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!
um, that about sums it up ^.^

I love the shading on his face and hai...
Mar 27, 2005
thumbnail O,O this picture is so beautiful! I love her eyes and the fur doesn't look bad either ^.^
The o...
Feb 17, 2005
thumbnail ....
Feb 13, 2005
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