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drawn in 10 hours 7 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Showcase entry!
Gigandas (Oct 3, 2004)
"It's not the great who are's the strong who are GREAT......!"

~Albel Nox

Here ya go Wasil :).
The picture isn't super accurate in the tiny detailed areas cause the only ref pic I could find for him was small.Did my best in making up stuff in those spots anyway.
Electric guitar and rock lovers should definitely try listening to the mp3 link above.It's awesome as hell....I guarantee it!
Gigandas (Oct 3, 2004)
drawn in 1 hour 30 min
Gigandas (Oct 3, 2004)
drawn in 25 min
Gigandas (Oct 3, 2004)
drawn in 24 min
Btw Wasil, this guy has a claw gauntlet that kinda resembles that of Vincent's.....will come later.
spiritdweller (Oct 3, 2004)
I like that saying, that's cool ;)
aznanime93 (Oct 4, 2004)
cooly!eh..You draw so good lol..Nice drawing..-.-;
davincipoppalag (Oct 4, 2004)
Different than your usual style Giggy, nice.
Kasha (Oct 4, 2004)
he has sexy hair. Wasil would like him lol
Gigandas (Oct 4, 2004)
drawn in 28 min
Working on his armor
bumpinthenight (Oct 4, 2004)
yaaay! really awesome hair style... never see you draw in this style before, gig... great stuff! :) joo iz dog XD
Gigandas (Oct 4, 2004)
It's just anime^^;.And I don't even attempt anime unless I happen to like certain characters.Thanks anyways though.
Maiko (Oct 4, 2004)
o___o Oniichama.............I LOVE YOU
he is so smecksay TT___TT thanks so much
Gigandas (Oct 4, 2004)
drawn in 45 min
Regenerating process...
Gigandas (Oct 4, 2004)
drawn in 54 min
Gigandas (Oct 4, 2004)
drawn in 10 min
Knockoff (Oct 5, 2004)
Thats awesome so far, gig. :nod:
Gigandas (Oct 5, 2004)
Thanks KO :)...
Gigandas (Oct 5, 2004)
drawn in 35 min
Gigandas (Oct 5, 2004)
drawn in 35 min
Maiko (Oct 5, 2004)
goddamn this dude's secksay XD oh my friend showed him to me the other day! >_< he was like "oh he looks evil enough for you to like" mmm smecksay
Gigandas (Oct 5, 2004)
Well, you could always just go to the link I added to the description and see him too, Wasil :).
bumpinthenight (Oct 5, 2004)
woah... sexy... this is looking really uber! XD oh... I was referring to the fact that his hair kind of looks as if its in a demi dread style... great stuff though.. XD woahhh.... neatoh coloring job... :)
Gigandas (Oct 5, 2004)
drawn in 1 hour
The claw comes.
Koneko-sama (Oct 6, 2004)
I love youuuuu... the hair is the best thing in the world...
Gigandas (Oct 6, 2004)
Hey Zack, never thought your car picture would turn out to be a transformer huh..... :P???
Gigandas (edited Oct 6, 2004)
drawn in 44 min
Let's see....I gotta do the chain that comes off the metal neck ring, gotta finish the claw and the rest of his left arm, gotta add the last bits of shading on his stomach, maybe fix up some of the hair (?), and the bg :).Wonder if I can do it all under the limit for this board..........heh, doubt it^^;.

-Btw, for those who don't know Albel, those wire like things coming around his back are his braids with a little brush of hair on the ends of 'em.
Gigandas (Oct 11, 2004)
drawn in 43 min
Gigandas (Oct 18, 2004)
drawn in 1 hour 1 min
probably will finish this right now...
Gigandas (Oct 18, 2004)
drawn in 47 min
Heh, never thought this would be finished before my birthday, but I guess I managed.....some how...
Kenshin (Oct 19, 2004)
he is sexeh.. :D This is really great.. I love your work.
davincipoppalag (Oct 19, 2004)
Really good drawing Giggy...
bumpinthenight (Oct 19, 2004)
another sexy, frakky pic, gigandas! :) man, you are da l337 |\/|4573r ! :D
Zack (Oct 19, 2004)
Well drawn, nice texture on the metal bits. He's a pretty creepy-looking effeminate guy. Transformer? Huah?
Maiko (Oct 19, 2004)
yay :3 thanks so much niichama *love* i'll be sure to draw you a picture for your birthday :3
snow_child (Oct 19, 2004)
oh wow how sexy is this picture ^.^
Gigandas (Oct 19, 2004)
Zack-Eh, nevermind.Guess it was too complex of a joke.
davincipoppalag (Oct 20, 2004)
Great picture Giggy..these anime guys always look like girls.. especially the abs..
sincity (Oct 20, 2004)
I agree with gig on the animae thing. Good job on the picture.
Xodiak (Oct 20, 2004)
Hehehehe, very nice japanese manga-style drawing! The man looks very attractive! Great chest and tummy... |:)
I think that most men in japanese anime, through strict discipline and severe ascetism, reach a state of mind, body and soul in which they get in touch with their inner femininity and therefore can cause waves of ecstasy and uncontrollable erotic impulses even to the most conservative or shy female individual. >;)
Knockoff (Oct 20, 2004)
Yay! You got it done. Wonderful coloring. I like the evil smile. ;)
Gigandas (Nov 3, 2004)
lol Xod.But I think that his "feminine side" only shows on the outside.His personality would show a bit otherwise ^^;...
sincity (Nov 9, 2004)
you know, I made a comment on the picture you did of the cat,er I mean kitten, but I really didn,t look through the rest of your work. There is just so much to see on this site, and I just want to say that I think your work is absolutely fantastic. Sorry I learned so late.
Gigandas (Nov 9, 2004)
Thanks man, but you really have nothing to apologize to me for ^^;.Glad you like my work :).
laurael (Jan 6, 2005)
Wow, am 'I' behind! You did an awesome job with this...I love your style, Niel...on everything you do. Fantastic watching the animation too!
nyao (Mar 27, 2005)
wa~ so hot ^o^
i luv his hair and muscles XP
fer_sasaki (Apr 21, 2005)
wow!! that's really awesome!!
Chaosz (Apr 21, 2005)
dude that is soo cool!!! Awesome style and I like the way you did the hair, gauntlet and bg...pretty much everything! Oh and who is that guy anyways? I've never seen him either so if you could tell me who he is or give me a ref then i would thank you so much! Oh the ref you used didn't work when i clicked on it...not sure why...thx anyways and awesome picture!
Animegirl250 (Apr 25, 2005)
This is a great picture! His hair is sexy ooooooo ^.^
Truearashi (Apr 28, 2005)
really seXy ^_^ the hair kick ass
Kenshin (Jun 23, 2005)
*comments again* Bwahaha! I've been wanting to play Star Ocean. and then I found out that this secksay dude was in it and now I super want to play it >;3
Gigandas (Jun 24, 2005)
It's bit of a challenging game :P. You'll need some "gaming" skills to beat it :P...
Kenshin (Jun 29, 2005)
:O Albel!
*got star ocean* I'm getting somewhere.. *is on easy mode*
You'll see! One day.. I'll be on REGULAR! :D Then HARD! Wooohoo x_x
kiketsu (Nov 24, 2005)
ALBEL!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!
Shigatsu_Sensei (Aug 30, 2006)
ALBEL!!!!!!!!! I LOVE HIM!!!!!! HE'S SO HOT! Good job.
tyler_da_bomb2 (Aug 30, 2006)
this looks prety sweet albel is awsome
beth92093 (Oct 5, 2006)
this is such good work!!! i wish i had tallent but i realy dont that i no of but u do and this is so awsum!!!!! =^.^=
Smank (Nov 24, 2006)
Bishi alert. XD
DeadHusky (Oct 3, 2007)
oh my XD he is so cute, and i love the hair so much! nice work!!
Balkeir (Jun 25, 2008)
oh wow.... you're amazing, I love Albel
mokkaa62 (Sep 24, 2008)
he look cool!!!
I like his hair.It's kool!!?!!
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