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Suring you could be drawing a hungry mexican exploding, armed with a bowling ball, right now?
Or a fat ping-pong ball skimming into a tin girl with a temper?
Or an unfortunate box crashing around a princess like crazy?
Or a bronze computer saying, "to be or not to be"?
Or some marbles?
Or a stream saying, "I AM TEH BEST", in the name of cheese?
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thumbnail oh my XD he is so cute, and i love the hair so much! nice work!!
Oct 3, 2007
thumbnail xD ya'll are crazy ^^
Aug 10, 2007
thumbnail NR:whats wrong with being skinny?? ^.0
anyways i like it, i think it looks good ^^
Aug 8, 2007
thumbnail i really like it ^^ its pretty :]
Aug 5, 2007
thumbnail ooo i really like this ^^
Aug 5, 2007
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