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drawn in 40 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Showcase entry!
Cobra (Jan 23, 2004)
Pembrokshire coastline from memory (Wales-Great Britain)
Cobra (Jan 23, 2004)
drawn in 40 min
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Jan 23, 2004)
This is very peaceful - love the hazy way the sun is coming through and plays on the water. Beautiful work.
Axil62 (Jan 24, 2004)
This is good.
Alicia (Jan 24, 2004)
This painting makes me wish I could transport there. It's really cold here in Boston.Ahh, Those summer days!
stellarbeams (Jan 25, 2004)
The texture on the water is very well done. *Applauds*
Look (Jan 25, 2004)
I'm speechless... The wave looks so realistic. and all i can say is: WOW!
laurael (Jan 25, 2004)
This is 'good'? This is excellent! This should have been on the advanced board...WOW! It was awesome watching the animation!
sooj (Jan 26, 2004)
i am blown away!!! the water is just perfect!! omgoodness! this is just fabulous!
Darknightstar (edited Jan 29, 2004)
0 0 *Picks Jaw up off the floor*......This is by far one of the best pic.s that I have seen thus far. It is truly breath-taking!!!
strangeoid (Feb 4, 2004)
I hear seagulls... and the breeze is making me sleepy... amazing the effect a good picture can have on a person.
davincipoppalag (Feb 11, 2004)
This is my kind of picture! I love the translucency you've achieved in the foreground waves and the overall rentdering of the water ..wonderful image
Justin_Sane (Feb 22, 2004)
Who would have thought someone would want to be transported to wales lol.......Nice pic Cobra Boyo...Nice seascape.
thug (Mar 1, 2004)
just saw this for the first time on the showcase and had to tell you how fantastic this is!!! Makes me want to go to the ocean. love all the subtile details like the reflections, not overdone to be obvious. Definitely one of the best pieces I have seen on this site.
jasmin (Mar 11, 2004)
super good work.Nellyvette
Wez (Apr 16, 2004)
nice water effects they look really real and the boat looks real, nice blur on the sun
emmamommalag (Apr 21, 2004)
I love this.. so peaceful looking.. and you made the water look so real. Beautiful! This is my favorite kind of picture.
Rosemary (Aug 4, 2004)
*smiles* it sure looks like wales lol..i was there a few months ago...beautiful drawing :)
Mipunai (Aug 12, 2004)
Wow, it's so pretty, very nice and peaceful looking n_n And I love the colors
pulmonq2 (Jan 12, 2005)
the water is gorgeous, and so is the way u did that boat
Amethysts (Sep 11, 2005)
wow that diffused lighting works so well with the photogenic quality of this picture.
I'm in awe XD
Mad_Cow_Disease (May 24, 2006)
i love this. Its beautiful.
JK-Arts (May 24, 2006)
you made a little picture look so big vast i like it. it remineds me of the beach in the goonies
col.jalloppe (Jun 11, 2006)
wow thats nice. very peacful scene. someone could probably copy a real painting off of this
JillJJ (Mar 8, 2007)
I love the colors youv'e chosen for the water and sky the best! This is so very beautiful!
Jill JJ
Miss_DJ (Mar 8, 2007)
very lovely draw! painted look to it. serene..
FuzzyWuzzy (Mar 15, 2008)
I want to be there right now, so amazingly gorgeous!
dorothyblueeyes (edited Jul 16, 2012)
from memory?i wanta see yer personal photo-database, picture-perfect brain!that's what's known as a "photographic memory,"but i've never seen such a developed one!wow. if that is ocean water, it looks cold to beautiful, ocean water is usually cold, unless it's very tropical. fantastic, sigh. you rock. :) (if Wales is so lovely, what's wrong with it? backward?nothing there?boring?if the nature is this good, i'd go to Wales any's good enough for the royalty, eh?)
davincipoppalag (Dec 6, 2019)
such a beauty
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