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I'm not here to be judgmental nor am I here to be judged, I love to draw and if you don't care for my work then that is your opinion, I do it to relax, when its no longer fun, I go away. Interesting how those on here feel they've been here longer so they can judge or criticize those who they believe have not. Every artist has a different view of what something should look like and yes sometimes some need a little guidance but a simple "adjust the right eye to the left a little" is about how far it should go. Something that looks unfinished to some might look over done to another, sit back and open your eyes a little wider to see the whole picture before saying anything.
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thumbnail You are a very thoughtful man, Tracy is a lucky woman. This is quite lovely, soft and beautiful, I ...
Feb 10, 2009
thumbnail Awww Ree, this is beautiful!
Feb 10, 2009
thumbnail Awww thank you Gel-o!
Feb 8, 2009
thumbnail Mmmmmmm yummy! This has a wonderful quality about it and it looks tasty to boot!
Feb 8, 2009
thumbnail Beautiful QT, stunning details.
Feb 8, 2009
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