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Date of Birth: July 22nd, 1990 (31)
Gender: Female
Registered: Jun 21, 2003
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Suring you could be drawing an artist swimming around an unfortunate bowling ball, right now?
Or a tiny banana walking around a solemn toilet?
Or a huge cello saying, "all your base are belong to us", madly?
Or some famous sushi saying, "eat fish!", au naturel?
Or a wall sneezing, with a sledge hammer?
Or a blouse?
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thumbnail Is there a way for me to fav you?
Dec 22, 2008
thumbnail very pretty. It has a very still... and quiet quality about it :)
Nov 29, 2006
thumbnail reminds me of's paper.eleven artwork :)
Nov 29, 2006
thumbnail Lightning challenge! I wanna see if I can draw lightning now :)
Nov 29, 2006
thumbnail *stares* *loves* finishfinishfinishhhhhh!!!!
Nov 25, 2006
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