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drawn in 2 hours 23 min with PaintBBS
Showcase entry!
Darksun (Oct 29, 2002)
done I guess?
Darksun (Oct 29, 2002)
drawn in 0sec
Darksun (Oct 29, 2002)
drawn in 0sec
Sjekkie (edited Oct 30, 2002)
are you making me dream about elite drawings skills i'd like to have again?
Darksun (Nov 1, 2002)
drawn in 0sec
marcello (edited Nov 1, 2002)
Looks sweet. I wonder if it could use any more darker shadow detail like on the sleaves maybe... dunno, your drawing :)
cherikit-chan (edited Nov 1, 2002)
wow that's incredible o_o!!
eth (edited Nov 3, 2002)
daisyelectric (edited Nov 3, 2002)
awesome! i'm impressed!
rydicanubis (edited Nov 3, 2002)
wow!! this is really good!! i need you to pass your wonderfull skills to me!! o_0
gallandro200 (edited Nov 5, 2002)
Damn! thats good
Sweallii (edited Nov 7, 2002)
That's really cool, what are you doing in it? ;) I love the shading...
Darksun (edited Nov 7, 2002)
I don't really know... I think it's kind of a generic fight/action pose. I fight invisible enemies all the time.
darkk_angel (edited Apr 1, 2003)
holy!! i love the movement here! hehe.... but marcello is right.... a few more shadowed places.... i also like the hair though!
nyao (edited Aug 14, 2003)
o, wow... nice... the colouring'z realy great!
EverDream (Aug 31, 2003)
Very nice rendering and comicbook feel. The coloring is beautiful and I love what you did for the bg! ^^
amuy (Sep 4, 2003)
I've seen this guy/pose drawing before, on some anime site, its animaion goin up and down lol! nice job.
Marduk (Oct 4, 2003)
wow... that's a really nice pic... i love the background.
Look (Feb 10, 2004)
Nice lighting and movement!!! Really cool!
Daymeon_StormRider (Feb 29, 2004)
OOh pretty! YOu're pretty! ...Can I pet you?! heh...just er yeah loving the line art and the coloring, reminds me of a rave with the yeah...good!
fleeting_memory (edited Mar 1, 2004)
I agree with Daymeon as well as look-great movement shot
F_loug (Mar 2, 2004)
yo man this pic is so hype
Asridaein (Oct 23, 2004)
THis is soo cool!
Dagan (Nov 12, 2004)
awesome. ncie line art and coloring
whitebunny1063 (Apr 10, 2006)
davincipoppalag (Dec 30, 2018)
runnin up front again
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