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I wish I had a building made of cheese! >.O

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Hi! I do have a SN for MSN and Yahoo, but I don't feel like sharing them currently. Unless I get to know you, then I might. Don't IM me because anyone that isn't on my buddy list won't be able to contact me..... I have two Doxies (Weenie Dogs) actually I have 11 of them, but only 2 are dogs. I have 9 puppies and 2 dogs! WOW LoL!
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thumbnail YAY!! I'm still welcome!! I wonder, am I still loved?

Feb 1, 2003
thumbnail I've never seen a 3-d tink so it was pretty hard drawing her out of my memory of a sticker of her......
Nov 26, 2002
thumbnail I wish you would spend more time on your drawings.....
Nov 26, 2002
thumbnail Thankyou :-D
Nov 23, 2002
thumbnail awww
Nov 23, 2002
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