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Suring you could be drawing a Mexican tub saying, "all your base are belong to us", with one thought in mind, right now?
Or an American flounder flying through a stud happily?
Or a dead pez-dispenser tossing over a Brazillian human while sleepwalking?
Or a glow-in-the-dark ape sneezing?
Or some tin green chile smashing a terrorist?
Or a drunk stud diving around a tin turtle?
23 Submissions
thumbnail ...ehh odd looking little dude. But he's kinda cool looking...might wanna work on makin those arms t...
Sep 14, 2004
thumbnail Ok's an attempt at Nudity okie Marcello? JEEBUS! So picky...and yeah I'd love to draw porn...
Mar 25, 2004
thumbnail **sets camp in front of the computer to await the porn** Hurry! Furry Porn!!! YAY! (oi too much Cran...
Mar 7, 2004
thumbnail Wow...just watched the animation always you rule chika! Hehe...yeah...although her pubic ha...
Mar 7, 2004
thumbnail OOh pretty! YOu're pretty! ...Can I pet you?! heh...just er yeah loving the line art and the colori...
Feb 29, 2004
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