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Date of Birth: March 24th, 1989 (35)
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haven't drawn in years. Went to this comic book convention thingy in new orleans with my brother a few weeks ago, and now I have this desire to be more creative.
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thumbnail I don't get it. What is suppose to be happening here?
Jul 18, 2006
thumbnail I don't care much for bunnies. I cannot force myself to ever finish reading Watership Down, b...
Sep 13, 2005
thumbnail I make rice crispie treats that way sometimes. I put a few marshmellows in my mouth and then I pour ...
Aug 25, 2005
thumbnail This looks like aperson dressed in Naruto's clothing. Nevertheless, still a good pic. Keep it up.
Aug 25, 2005
thumbnail I like this picture alot. I keep staring at it and can't seem to turn away. I'm not sure why that is...
Aug 23, 2005
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