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Axil62 (Mar 1, 2006)
Oh Susannah don't you cry for me...
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mx (Mar 8, 2006)
i don`t think its the movement i like, but rather the technique in the brush strokes....the feel of actual paint onto a specific surface
Zeal (Mar 8, 2006)
Renuar (Mar 8, 2006)
i like this alot, great work.
DorsY69 (Jun 26, 2008)
wwaaahhh man..this makes me move on the chair hahaha
drawn in 1 hour 11 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
kristine (Feb 20, 2006)
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kristine (edited Mar 2, 2006)
I'm not too worried about showcase. I'm just happy that I can sit down and say, "Hey, this isn't half bad."
rissa (Mar 7, 2006)
this is my faverate picter on 2draw.
kristine (Mar 18, 2006)
Why Thank you ^_^.
HeLL-O (Mar 18, 2006)
Awwww...Now hes a cute little kitty. O whos a good kitty, you are. :)
drawn in 12 hours with Oekaki Shi-Painter
terracotta (Feb 24, 2006)
From Gray's Anatomy--Korean/Canadian expression artist.
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Anna (Aug 29, 2007)
YAY i love her! how the heck did i miss this one!
deathking (Nov 11, 2007)
Someone better archive this.
Suntan (Aug 23, 2011)
Gorgeous, gorgeous work. wow
yellow.nutella (Apr 9, 2021)
It’s still going on to this day (‘:
drawn in 7 hours 2 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Gemmy619 (Feb 11, 2006)
For my boo :P
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Maiko (Feb 14, 2006)
This is simplistic (although, it must have been not simple to draw XD;) and very beautiful :3
wonderful job~
Miss_DJ (Feb 14, 2006)
oh gemmy...this is so sweet and wonderfully drawn!! wow the sand and even more WOW the ocean water!
Amethysts (Feb 15, 2006)
you're cruel in your ability to do wet sand so realisticall XP
gerbear (Apr 9, 2006)
Ohhh...I love this! Totally!! I was going to attempt some sand and shell pics..I will come back and look at this for reference *S*..See? You are teaching the teach!
drawn in 2 hours 53 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
Moosh (Feb 11, 2006)
It's an... umm... it. o.O
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Alex-Cooper (Feb 13, 2006)
Very delicious. Like chocolate milk. I like the baby's worm tail.
thug (Feb 14, 2006)
this reminds me of the movie Eraserhead. Good job on this!
Gemmy619 (Feb 14, 2006)
lol the more i look at this the more it makes me giggle, just the look on the guys face is this! lol really cool and weird drawing, i love it :)
IkariIreuL (edited Feb 14, 2006)
It reminds me of Alien`s series and obviously a larva too.
drawn in 2 hours 26 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
thug (Feb 8, 2006)
it's a fact
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friend (Feb 8, 2006)
If i were a girl i'd punch his face.
fleeting_memory (Feb 8, 2006)
picasso! Right?
thug (Feb 8, 2006)
yes, and the title is from a song about him
PolythenePam (Aug 15, 2006)
Oh man, oh man, oh man, a Jonathan Richman fan.
Oh boy!!!

Pablo Picasso never got called an asshole. Not in New York.
drawn in 1 hour 26 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
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Axil62 (Feb 8, 2006)
of light and shadow
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Axil62 (Feb 19, 2006)
Thanks nice lady :)
Miss_DJ (Apr 18, 2009)
the epitomy of sweet tenderness..
bette_davis_eyes (Apr 18, 2009)
what a darling baby! aww this is so touching and so beautifully drawn :)
QTgillie (edited Apr 18, 2009)
hey bette.....where have you been? Yes, Axil, glad this was posted again, I have not seen it and it is very adorable. the lighting on the baby's back is astouonding.
drawn in 1 hour 16 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
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Zack (Oct 16, 2005)

Might add a couple more things but it's pretty much done.
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HunterKiller_ (Feb 8, 2006)
Awesome subject. Love the painterly style. Your 'bots are too awesome Zack. ^.^
Ceido (Feb 8, 2006)
Maybe he's holding some kinda of binocular pinpointing device. The bloke can pinpoint and then the tank fires automatically! :O
Love the angles in this piece. Great draw! :)
marcello (Feb 9, 2006)
actually terracotta, that's a new 2draw feature I'm testing out on random accounts. it deduces the content of the picture and generates appropriate sound effects/ambient music when possible
DarkCloak (Feb 10, 2006)
Very nice piece!
drawn in 6 hours 2 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
JoeNobody (Feb 5, 2006)
While waiting for repairs on their apartment, Larry & his wife move in with her sister Gladys.
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staci (Feb 9, 2006)
is that a dream catcher thingy in the window? if not you need to add one :P
JoeNobody (Feb 10, 2006)
The thing in the window is a "Tot Finder" sticker that was popular way back when. So any emergency crews being called to a house would know what room a child occupied.

.....and do you really think I need to add a dream catcher? I know that if this was actually the trailer park I lived in, ALL me dreams would have already been answered. :-D
emmamommalag (Feb 10, 2006)
Ahahahaa That's priceless! You forgot one thing, though.. one of those rear-view bent-over fat ladies in flowered dresses with bloomers placards.
DarkCloak (Feb 10, 2006)
Oh man, this reminds me of home! It just needs some christmas lights (we keep those things up all year) and piles of old useless bicycles we've collected over the years.
drawn in 7 hours 55 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
frootcake (Feb 8, 2006)
basically, i don't want to ask for more space.

i'll post the ref and maybe you could help a brother out. Its a really cool site if you browse it some... to browse the site, click here
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matt104w (Feb 15, 2006)
very nice dave, it's great to have the room back i forgot that i had this account, keep up the good work , mum told be that you've been doing well i recent exams
Pseudonymous (edited May 21, 2006)
It's my Governator. :) Good job.
frootcake (Jun 11, 2006)
this got moved to intermediate huh. may i ask why?
Kloxboy (Nov 12, 2006)
drawn in 4 hours 56 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
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