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Asriel and me007 (Dec 26, 2005)
A whole lot of random Seuss-like warpedness

It is really unfinished...
drawn in 1 hour 18 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Specialty Boards/Collaborations 
Cordelia_Pink, Xodiak, renire, Punky, Cianteed, and more... (Jun 20, 2005)
I'm not sure if I should do some more of the larger empty spaced boxes 'cause I was thinking about doing something behind patterned background.
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Desolate (Sep 11, 2005)
I want to but Ive never done a collaberation and I am kind of new to this whole site... If its still going when I get fairly descent I will come back and do a box
renire (Dec 12, 2005)
drawn in 6 min
Sorry :}
whitebunny1063 (Dec 18, 2005)
Can I join too?
Zeal (Feb 17, 2006)
drawn in 5 hours 8 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Public Boards/Advanced 
CodeDonny, me007, and ~E.U.R.O.B.E.A.T.~ (Mar 6, 2005)
wel, im trying pretty hard./ i mite need some help on this one so if any1 wants to help me they can. but please be someone whos talented, cuz i really dont want some noob ruining it so far.
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CodeDonny (Apr 3, 2005)
Wel we werent really working on it so i just wanted it to be done.
me007 (Apr 3, 2005)
well.. I was waiting for you to do someting Donny.. I wasnt going to draw the whole fricking picture... : /
Amethysts (Apr 4, 2005)
Donny, I think it might have been better if you took some time to work on this by yourself... I think you did a great job "helping" me007. ;)
The face is fabulous.
ambermac (Oct 23, 2005)
i recognized him immediatly! good job--so glad to see someone other than jim morrison or john lennon up here. i wouln't change anytning on the face. i might add a little more "volume" to his shoulders. i like the way you drew his face in a sketchy treatment, but his body is graphic. maybe you can add in a bold horizontal rainbow to compliment all the gray.
drawn in 3 hours 16 min with Lascaux Sketch
Specialty Boards/Elite Bastards 
Anna, me007, and K-Dizzle (Mar 31, 2005)
8 comments – latest 4:
Artis_Discipula (Nov 7, 2007)
Wow, this got lost in the crowd.
UnWanted (Nov 7, 2007)
Yet.. how can you be sure that this is tea?..
davincipoppalag (Nov 7, 2007)
Nice collab you two (FYDAS)
DorsY69 (Jul 24, 2008)
wow this is frikin good O.O
drawn in 14 hours with Lascaux Sketch
Specialty Boards/Collaborations 
mukumuku, me007, omegagunman2, and steavy (Jan 16, 2005)
yeah, the title has nothing to do with anything. colab with steavy, me007, omega and maybe some others
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Childlike_Vampire (Mar 10, 2005)
This is refreshingly different. :D
mukumuku (Mar 10, 2005)
sorry, i didnt mean for that to sound like a funeral or anything ><;;; i really do like how this turned out though
me007 (edited Mar 10, 2005)
heh me too. we executed it wonderfuly....... O.O.. NOOOOOO!!!!!!! :.((
steavy (Mar 10, 2005)
i like the bg. i cant say i'm particularly a fan of it on this colab, and i would have liked to have had some concent in it, but either way.
drawn in 6 hours 48 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Public Boards/Intermediate 
me007 (Dec 17, 2004)
got tired of it in my studio.. if somebody wants to work/finish it, memo me
6 comments – latest 4:
me007 (Jan 15, 2005)
drawn in 50 min
Gigandas (Jan 15, 2005)
Lookin' good I think.Should keep going with this.Just don't forget to smooth it out.
The_Chosen (Feb 27, 2005)
It looks great i didn`t even notice it was unfinished untill I looked at the comment
k4m154m4 (Feb 27, 2005)
Beautiful textures, the dark colours look so sultry and beautiful <3
drawn in 3 hours 3 min with Lascaux Sketch
Specialty Boards/Collaborations 
Majikoopa and me007 (Dec 3, 2004)
Hey... Danny, I just got started, so dont worry... It only looks retarted now. See what you can do about the 3D effect of the hair. Also, our buddy could use some barbles (cat whiskers). I would think that it is just a working outline, though I doubt it will ever look like a real fish... but we can make a good non-real fish with a cool background :)
8 comments – latest 4:
Majikoopa (Dec 16, 2004)
lol... I dont know about that...
spiritdweller (Dec 16, 2004)
Majikoopa (Dec 17, 2004)
Alright then, Im gonna just post it as finished. Danny: you can downgrade or change it however you like.
mukumuku (Feb 12, 2005)
this always makes me smile, reminds me of pocodecroshendo
drawn in 2 hours 18 min with PaintBBS
Public Boards/Advanced 
DeadlyBlondeArcher and me007 (Nov 9, 2004)

oh yeah, our reference is at Corbis... search for AAGF001035 (can't get it to link directly)
20 comments – latest 4:
xwindflyer (Nov 24, 2004)
Kudo's to another great picture, by another great artist.:o)
Kenshin (Nov 26, 2004)
This is so pretty.. The grapes are so awesome. ;D Yes... I was wondering what happened between version 5 and 6. XD I kept clicking and clicking! >_< I am so weird.
Renuar (Aug 7, 2005)
k, i'm gonna have to comment on this, koz those grapes are looking soo dusty and fresh. It's very appetising. great collab.
shell (Apr 2, 2010)
great job
drawn in 19 hours with Lascaux Sketch
Specialty Boards/Collaborations 
me007 and haruko_ryuu (Aug 20, 2004)
Just an outline of the deliciousness to come :D
3 comments – latest 4:
haruko_ryuu (Sep 1, 2004)
drawn in 12 min
still not done..i'll work on it more later when i have time
me007 (Sep 1, 2004)
drawn in 27 min
sry.. touched up the BG a bit.. um.. made it looks spiffy, shiney, spunkey, flebobent, um.... yellow lol yeah.. so I guess we could submit this now.. if you want.. atleast as unfinished so that people can see um...... CHEESE CAKE and then they can try OUR new diet.. the cheesecake diet :D
Ty854 (Sep 1, 2004)
Jack_Fox (Sep 1, 2004)
CHEESECAKE FOREVER! Cheesecake is da bomb. (Excuse my slang fuax paux please.) Dig the colors, makes m' mouth water...mmmmmm...cheesecake...Peace, Jack
drawn in 4 hours 31 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
haruko_ryuu and me007 (Aug 24, 2004)
colab with the me007-ness..heres the sketch, now it's up to you to do the rest
drawn in 1 hour 28 min with PaintBBS
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