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"once I was in Hollywood....I came across the star of Tony Danza....I then urinated on it...and yelled, 'WHO'S THE BOSS NOW!?!?' "
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thumbnail I've been way too busy to make time for drawing in general, and as for this particular piece, I don'...
Sep 1, 2005
thumbnail lmfao..I still can't believe you did it....I wish I had the skillz to produce my random thoughts ont...
Jun 29, 2005
thumbnail After seeing the ref, the first thing I noticed was the eyes. The most important thing about reprodu...
Jun 28, 2005
thumbnail WHATEVER to you for not even trying and still producing great work. I like her eyes :) ..they look s...
Jun 21, 2005
thumbnail Oh noes...the sun.ANYwaaaaays...does this mean you're leaving the site now or something? If so...PEA...
Jun 15, 2005
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