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enjoydotcom (Feb 16, 2007)
You've gotta love Glamour magazines, they have such nice photo's to use as reference.
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Miss_DJ (Feb 18, 2007)
classy, smoothe draw!
kejoco (Feb 18, 2007)
I like this a lot
enjoydotcom (Feb 19, 2007)
thanks, but the more I see this one I think the arm needs re-doing.
Kteerbakoon (May 30, 2008)
Nice work, I love the eyes
drawn in 5 hours 37 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
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kejoco (Feb 11, 2007)
Hard to draw when you can't feel your fingers
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Pantera (Mar 6, 2007)
This is lovely, I want the boots and hat :) Hope your hand is feeling better.
monk (Mar 8, 2007)
Nice job kejo....knew it was yours right away. Now about that hand, quit pullin the ol' stranger for awhile, she'll come around. Had the same problem myself back in 78'...almost broke my wrist......anyway, keep up the good work.
mooseflower (Mar 13, 2007)
My art teacher made us do an upside down contour line drawing of this abstract drawing by Picasso and it was the most aggravating thing I have ever done. Good on you for keeping it up for as long as you did (and for making it look great overall).
shell (Apr 2, 2010)
drawn in 4 hours 46 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
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Caddris (Jan 28, 2006)
Don't know why I decided to draw this.
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kristine (Jan 31, 2006)
Just Wow. white is a really hard color to shade like that, i think. and youve done it beauifully. im looking forward to the finished piece.
Caddris (Feb 5, 2006)
drawn in 7 min
I don't feel well enough today to actually do something noticable.
Caddris (Feb 17, 2006)
drawn in 18 min
I can't seem to finish this picture! I have no clue what to do for a background and the comb looks horrible. Oh well.
kejoco (Feb 3, 2007)
Not sure why this didn't get more comments...i think its awesome, even unfinished
drawn in 5 hours 24 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Silvair (Feb 2, 2007)
For Sanzogirl (I hope you like it even though I kinda skewered your character xD)

I'm actually really really glad I started this over, cause the 1st attempt was just painful >>; On this one I just gave up trying to perfect every pixel and everything came to be so much easier ^^.
The colours are kinda whacked cause I got this sudden urge to use neon colours and then I couldn't stop.

Marking as finished, but hoping for some extra space to do some nitpick changes >_o;;
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broken-lock14 (Feb 3, 2007)
=^;__;^= Gosh, your art is so magical. <3333

I must draw Kitsunabu soon~DDD:
Moonwolf_flow (Feb 5, 2007)
omg that is soo cool and i so totally suck at drawing on the pc O.o i am really jealous
Tokatomifu (Apr 8, 2007)
i wish i can color like u .. its amazing D:
nyao (Dec 10, 2007)
the nice blended colors is great~ i really enjoy this piece
drawn in 9 hours 31 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Specialty Boards/Contest! 
Sweetcell (Dec 27, 2006)
As seen as Mark Ryden's -Clear Hearts, Grey Flowers-

Cover for the band Jack and Jill.

My hand sooooo hurts.
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davincipoppalag (Jan 7, 2007)
Congrats Barb!~!
yates (Jan 9, 2007)
I dont understand the fuzz,.. I enjoyed all the entries.. Congrats SweetCell!
Pseudonymous (Jan 9, 2007)
kejoco (edited Jan 21, 2007)
Don't know why I'm getting involved, but I just wanted to respond to your last note Miss DJ,
Sweetcell DID NOT get a 2nd chance at this contest due to klox's good graces, ANYONE can submit multiple drawings for contests, that has been expressed from the beginning of the contests. He advised her well before the end of the contest why her first drawing didn't qualify and she was able to submit another before the end date. If you have an issue with him telling her that her submission didn't qualify, on a drawing community site, thats pretty nit-picky. If she had been given extra time due to the fact she hadn't read the rules, I could understand, but as it is, I don't understand the problem.

great job sweetcell, looks incredible
drawn in 17 hours with Lascaux Sketch Classic
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Sweetcell (Jan 20, 2007)
Needed safety save because I lost the first version of this picture when lascaux froze on me and I DON'T want to lose it again.

His face actually looks better than my first try.

Army of Darkness
63 comments – latest 4:
paladin590 (Jan 28, 2011)
montezmaria (Jan 29, 2011)
The detail blows me away on this, my gosh. This is really an outstanding drawing.
ArtPunk (May 3, 2011)
Soo soo soo....groovy!
davincipoppalag (Feb 18, 2020)
low on some beans
drawn in 1 day 4 hours with Lascaux Sketch Classic
Public Boards/Intermediate 
solve (Jan 18, 2007)
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nekodesu (Jan 18, 2007)
Coool, he's melting and vaporizing at the same time :P
Great picture.
Naima (Jan 18, 2007)
Sooo haunting! This is wonderful.
kejoco (Jan 18, 2007)
HunterKiller_ (Jan 21, 2007)
Whoo. Excellent. You're works just keep gettin' better.
drawn in 47 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
Specialty Boards/Contest! 
Contest Week 43: E.T. Boy Revolution
Kloxboy (edited Jan 28, 2007)
Contest Week 43: E.T. Boy Revolution 10 DAY CONTEST Your goal this week is to draw something relating to 'revolution'. Draw whatever you wish, as long as something in your drawing relates to revolution, it's pretty open. Basically, you can make your drawing all about revolution or just have a single item, symbol, what have you, that relates to revolution. There is also a small twist to this contest, you must integrate this: \"E.T. bo...
Public Boards/Intermediate 
Kloxboy (Dec 26, 2006)
"THE BIG YELLOW ONE IS THE SUN!" -Brian Regan that's not Brian but the expression made me think of his comedy act, so...there ya go.
11 comments – latest 4:
Kloxboy (Dec 27, 2006)
Pop tarts! Remember this piece Dan? Remember....let's remember it now....oooo
davincipoppalag (Dec 27, 2006)
Oh oh.. a top spot comp!
Axil62 (Dec 27, 2006)
I am now in the lotus position......ready, begin...
davincipoppalag (Dec 27, 2006)
Ommmmm manepadme ommmmm ommmmm
drawn in 1 hour 53 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
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Just curious...
kejoco (Dec 3, 2006)
When was the "post to flickr" option implemented?
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