watch animation - 100% - zoom in - zoom out
drawn in 3 hours 53 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Ziggyhbp (Mar 17, 2007)
first time.. testing the program...
edit: finaly finished... i think it's ok considering it was my first time and it was done with a mouse.... critique are welcome... please give me tips to improve my work...

i'll try lascaux next time...
Ziggyhbp (Mar 17, 2007)
drawn in 1 hour 1 min
TaCO (Mar 17, 2007)
Looks great so far!!!!!!
jaded_angel (Mar 17, 2007)
I agree.
DoOp (Mar 17, 2007)
Welcome to 2draw =] this looks way cool so far ^^
cmb (Mar 17, 2007)
good stuff
kejoco (Mar 17, 2007)
Ben Harper?
Sweetcell (Mar 17, 2007)
I love seeing newcomers with this talent. Makes up for all the 3,5,10 minute spamming. Most welcome Ziggy, hope you stick around.
Cameo (Mar 17, 2007)
Welcome to 2draw, Ziggy!! This is definately an awesome draw! Looking forward to seeing this finished and more work from you as well.
davincipoppalag (Mar 17, 2007)
This looks good so far!!
Ziggyhbp (Mar 19, 2007)
drawn in 1 hour 4 min
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Mar 19, 2007)
Not bad... yeah, stick around. I need somebody to ask dumber questions than I do. :) hah
Ziggyhbp (Mar 20, 2007)
drawn in 7 min
Ziggyhbp (Mar 24, 2007)
drawn in 6 min
Ziggyhbp (Apr 1, 2007)
drawn in 16 min
Ziggyhbp (Apr 2, 2007)
drawn in 24 min
Ziggyhbp (Apr 7, 2007)
drawn in 52 min
finaly finished!
jaded_angel (Apr 7, 2007)
it doesnt matter if you are using a mouse or not if you dont have talent you dont have talent...your drawing is spilffeh...ummm wouldnt change anything abt it <----not much of a critique >_>
Miss_DJ (Apr 7, 2007)
real nice work Ziggy! Welcome to your new incredible for using a mouse. Talent comes shining through no matter what crayon we use!
Ziggyhbp (Apr 7, 2007)
jaded.... i wish i knew what spilffeh means ;/

dj... thanks!!!
friend (Apr 7, 2007)
You got jiggy with this.
Ziggyhbp (edited Apr 7, 2007)
one more time i don't know if thats a good or a bad thing... and i thought i was good with english... ;P
MelissaMissy (Apr 8, 2007)
KuteDymples (Apr 8, 2007)
I have a tablet and I can't draw like that, this is excellent work. I can't wait to see more from you!
jaded_angel (Apr 8, 2007)
spilffeh? I dont know what it means point is i like your picture the colouring style is different, and they go well together...the smudgy background looks like a crowd of heads, thats cool :)
_INGRID_ (May 13, 2007)
This is really good!
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