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drawn in 42 min with Lascaux Sketch
kamidake26 (Oct 2, 2003)
this little dude just got mad.. Iduno why.. perhaps he spilt some milk. eiether way, hes just a bit miffed at something :D
kamidake26 (Oct 2, 2003)
drawn in 42 min
_Neko_Sama_ (Oct 2, 2003)
Whoa the background is SO AWESOME! Ha ha is it fire? Fire Neko like firrrrrrrre.... Meeeeow....... I love the character he is soo cool ilove how you drew him ^^...
method3 (Oct 2, 2003)
Kick ass, I like the lineart alot.
bluesky (Oct 2, 2003)
woah that background does rock! awesome job on it!
JAM-BAD (Oct 2, 2003)
great prespective. :)
furyofroy (Oct 2, 2003)
Christ, where you been, man? :D Very nice background, and the shading is super-genius! =3

I've been watching too much Pete n Pete.
kamidake26 (edited Oct 2, 2003)
I have been..... I.. um.. Iduno actually ^^; just around, a bit busy with things. I had lost the link to this place for the longest time, I happened to do a google search on this screen name out of boredom, and came up with a link here, so I'm back. :D

I've been spending a lot of time over at deviantart lately ( if you're interested )

how have you been lately? I see your art has improved by leaps and bounds (not that it was bad to start with mind you, I just really dig your emerging style ;))
take care
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