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drawn in 1 hour 24 min with Lascaux Sketch
kamidake26 (May 23, 2003)
just a quick save, computer acting a bit slow right now, dun wanna loose the progress ^^

~~EDIT 1~~
ack! I was having trouble loading the save, so I updated my JRE.. now I can load the save just fine, but I lost my tablet support! any ideas ? already tried a restart, twice actually,, then a re-install of the JRE.. still no luck. I'm lost.

~~EDIT 2~~
Thanks a million marcello. worked like a charm ^_^
kamidake26 (May 23, 2003)
drawn in 0sec
furyofroy (edited May 23, 2003)
ooohh my sexy....I think I'll draw a naked kitty as well to sate my furry fetish.... God, I'm lovin' this picture so far! As for finishing the rest without tablet support, pleeez try!! Coloring and shading can't be that hard with a mouse!
Xodiak (edited May 24, 2003)
Xod agrees with Furyofroy, this drawing is very very sexy, erotic and arousing! awesome! >:D
Einz (edited May 24, 2003)
cool very sexy

marcello (edited May 24, 2003)
Reinstall JTablet, it will then find your new java version and add jtablet to it.
mazi (edited May 24, 2003)
looking good. wish i was that neat.. O.o
GEM (edited May 24, 2003)
furyofroy is right and this is a really good keep it up!
kamidake26 (May 24, 2003)
drawn in 0sec
kamidake26 (May 24, 2003)
drawn in 0sec
furyofroy (edited May 24, 2003)
mmm. Looks very sexylicious now that its colored. I was doing a nekkid furry chick picture too, and it was soooo good!! But then my screen went black for no reason at all. I still don't know what happened--I swear to god it sucked the life force out of me. I spent a half hour staring at the wall. >:_( I'm gonna try a different pose tomorrow. One thing I've learned is that it is futile to recreate a picture you have already done. You will get frustrated with replicating petty details, and you go out and kill a clown. Sorry, I kinda rambled on for a second...
Xodiak (edited May 25, 2003)
I agree with you Furyofroy. but when I lose a drawing althought I feel sad, I also feel happy that I have one more chance to draw a better drawing. <:)
Kamidake26, your drawing is trully delicious and adorable! please draw more naughty girls like her! excellent! >:D
concannon (edited May 26, 2003)
This is great. The anatomy is wonderful; the only thing that seems odd is her hair. And only because of how it kinda bunches together. Over all, great job. ^^
whitefox0 (Nov 26, 2006)
Ilike this one
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