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Public Boards/Beginner 
inatyrb (Oct 19, 2005)
Ok, before I get into a lot of detail, I made a basic Sketch. Obviously.
Well, my question is should I make any alterations before making it a picture. Like curves aren't right, eyes too low, somethings too big. ect. I would really appreciate some critiquing before I get into the real work. Thanks.
This is the reference picture. If that doesn't work just tell me. I know how sometimes links tend to not work anymore.
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inatyrb (Oct 20, 2005)
Critiques? Please?
darkshadow (Oct 26, 2005)
the only thing i can say is smooth out the lines and add color it looks real good
inatyrb (Oct 26, 2005)
thanks for the input. I just want to make it as real as possible.
kitty25 (Nov 24, 2005)
sooo cute !!! XD
drawn in 8 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Misc. Boards/Sprites 
inatyrb (Oct 17, 2005)
Yay, kinda crappy, but that's ok.. i just wanted a new Icon to use of me.
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inatyrb (Oct 19, 2005)
drawn in 3 min
trying to make it look a little better?
Agoylis (Oct 29, 2005)
aaaaaaaah cute
inatyrb (Oct 30, 2005)
haha.. not cute.. but we can say that.. lol i messed up... ALOT. lol
Wild_Mustang_Girl312 (Jun 1, 2006)
Hey hey hey, my friend told me about you... My name is Brittany... My nickname is Tirb... quite simalar eh? My name backwards shortended.... is that really how your name is spelled?
drawn in 1 hour 14 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Public Boards/Beginner 
inatyrb (Oct 5, 2005)
Heh... Well I'm going to attempt a self-portrait.. Hopefully itll turn out ok...
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inatyrb (Oct 27, 2005)
drawn in 19 min
Getting somewhere... Jeez this is taking a year and a half. Lol...
Agoylis (Oct 29, 2005)
well so far thiss looks really great should work on it some more but til then looks REALLY great
inatyrb (Oct 30, 2005)
you try drawing a pic like this Joe, Its so difficult... plus, im not taking very long on it.. its really annoying to work on. But if you say its good then i will just have to accept that, and like... work on it more.. hehe
inatyrb (Nov 25, 2005)
drawn in 21 min
My hand/arm hurts so damn much... Still working on it though... neck looks weird... definatly need to work on that...
drawn in 2 hours 56 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
inatyrb (Oct 4, 2005)
Yup... Sorry it looks so bad. Havent drawn in forever.
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Agoylis (Oct 10, 2005)
thats pretty cool bryt nice
Akechi456 (May 5, 2006)
Aww~I love this ittle doll.I forget his name though.But..he reminds me of TarePanda.Take a rest..take a rest.Take a rest~

You did..a GOOOOOOD job. :3
Wild_Mustang_Girl312 (May 6, 2006)
I like it... I like it a lot.... I LUFF it!!!
NOVEMBER93 (May 17, 2006)
when i saw an episode with that thing in it, i cracked up! it was hilarious....good job
drawn in 55 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Public Boards/Intermediate 
inatyrb, Hakkai, and Reich (Jun 6, 2005)
Ok, I've been making similar doodle in school lately, and well, I decided to post this one to see what everyone thinks. C&C would be great! I have not done the "lineart" yet, but before I do I would like to know what everyone else thinks. ^^ Thanks a ton!!
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Xodiak (Jun 17, 2005)
She looks beautiful. Great work! <:D
Reich (edited Jun 17, 2005)
Hehe... I love drawing.. I have been practicig faces for awhile now. I really couldn't do the lineart though, so as you see i had someone else do it for me. Lol... dunno why, but i just couldn't get the smooth lines. But thats ok. Anyways.. I think that in the future I will be doing more of these incase anyone would like to join! ^^ I love comments
Kenshin (Jun 17, 2005)
This is pretty well drawn. The neck looks a tad off, though.
I like the eyes. And the hair color =D
inatyrb (edited Jun 19, 2005)
^^, something I have noticed in my drawings is my inability to draw necks the right size. Thank you for your feedback, I greatly appreciate it!!
drawn in 2 hours 48 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Public Boards/Beginner 
inatyrb and Shanghai (Jan 17, 2005)
I"m obviously not done. I want to make this my best picture yet. I have a rough idea of what I want, i'm just not sure If i can do it. This is basically the background so far. If you have any suggestions to add to this go right ahead.

The reason for the title is actually my inspiration for this drawing. Three Days Grace- Home. Its basically talking about a home that's not a home. This house is not a home is what it says. I hope this turns out well! ^^

12 comments – latest 4:
TaCO (May 8, 2005)
O.O That so cool looking!!!!!!!!!
emmamommalag (May 10, 2005)
Oooh, I like the atsmosphere in this one.
Punky (May 10, 2005)
i love this so much! :D reminds me of Nny's house.
inatyrb (May 11, 2005)
^^ i'm happy to finally have this done! It makes me so happy. Thank you redpanda, you really grasped the concept I was trying to show!
drawn in 2 hours 14 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Specialty Boards/Collaborations 
inatyrb and Reich (Jan 16, 2005)
Collab With Alec and I. I wanted to draw really bad! I was in a dark artistic mood!

Not as dark as planned, or anything like planned, but still turned out GREAT! I love it alec! I love you! ^^
8 comments – latest 4:
inatyrb (Feb 13, 2005)
sigh.. its always nice to know that when you want feedback from people its only from the freinds that you know in person. getting comments for improvment from other people is nice though... -_-''
Chaosz (Mar 6, 2005)
Very nice job on this ^^ and psst...inatyrb...umm are you in the naruto collab? and if you are you know when its done? or if Northern Shadows is ever on? And very good work on that picture! Like how you colored it and a lil bit of shading wouldnt help to much.
Xodiak (Apr 11, 2005)
Very sexy Succubus, Xod likes. >:)
Nyuusen (Apr 11, 2005)
She has...very odd breasts, they look flat at the front... You should do some different shading there to emphasis the fact that they are indeed roundish, or so I'm assuming.

I'm guessing that's blood coming from her mouth but I can't even tell it's liquid. There are lots of good drawings with blood in em, you should study those. Sometimes not having a black outline works. (not that I'm good at drawing it)
drawn in 5 hours 22 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Dr.Snoopy, inatyrb, solve, TaCO, Urei-sama, and more... (Jan 13, 2005)
Yup, ran outta room on the other one. This is a continuation.

Nice addition to it guys! Nice... ^^
17 comments – latest 4:
inatyrb (Jan 20, 2005)
Hm.. that's odd. Well anyway.. Is everyone done, do I have more people to add? What up here?
cyclops (Jan 20, 2005)
drawn in 18 min
...silly pink
inatyrb (Jan 24, 2005)
Nice background. Pink is weird. Nice finish! ^^ (Dec 14, 2005)
amazing but need more texture to it!
drawn in 5 hours 14 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Public Boards/Beginner 
inatyrb, bakuraiscool, Jakira, Deformed, rosalyn, and more... (Jan 2, 2005)
This is for everyone that want to join! If you want to join just ask! Make a picture however you can of what you want to be when you grow up! -this can be for anyone any age, I never specified that it was a career or anything.

I didn't know what to make me... So I made me Commando! Lol!
69 comments – latest 4:
marini135 (Jul 18, 2005)
kitty25 (Nov 20, 2005)
i want to jion the collab Please may i ..^_^ this is really good!!!
IppikiOokami (Jun 15, 2006)
I wanna be a magical pixie fairy when I grow up :0
senshi (Mar 4, 2007)
I wanna be a giant yellow fighting monkey when I grow up.
but it's not gonna fit here.
drawn in 2 hours 53 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Specialty Boards/Collaborations 
inatyrb, vamp, Reich, and vamp2 (Dec 25, 2004)
ok, well I started this collab. I will be coloring it, but vamp and reich will be drawing it. Hopefully they'll get it done soon!
7 comments – latest 4:
bakuraiscool (Jan 9, 2005)
What? The zombies are coming??? *packs bag and runs away*
Great collab!
inatyrb (Jan 9, 2005)
Lol! Thanks. My freinds keep wanting to kill zombies, so I gathered my Commando gear and I'm going Wolfenstein on them! Yeah!
Noremac (Jan 10, 2005)
if only you withheld the proper function to go hell ninja commando on zombies
inatyrb (Jan 10, 2005)
By all Means, join us cam. Steve too! Well all will kick Zombie ass, But first! CRACKER BARREL! Lol. Anyone else wanna join? Wait.. We need more zombies to be made for more zombie ass kicking! Anyone wanna create more zombies? Lol!
drawn in 2 hours 38 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
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