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I'm different now. My name is Brittany Nicole and my life tells a story. It may be a boring one, but it has a message.

I don't feel like explaining my troubles and act like I'm looking for sympathy, because I'm not. I suffer from at least seven mental diseases and I don't want your sympathy, just some comfort from time to time.

I no longer like horses.

My new obsession is music. My guitar, my violin. I'm in Geometry, and I'm an eighth grader. I'm a 4.0 student and still, some call me 'emo'. I don't mind, I just ignore them. Don't put me into a box. I don't enjoy it. I don't know anybody that does.

Let me be, and let me draw. Critique me as you please, but forget my past. Making promises that never could last.
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thumbnail Thank you.
Mar 10, 2008
thumbnail I love it, Lori. Sorry I haven't been on in forever.
Mar 3, 2008
thumbnail I hate Miley, this picture is good. Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus and her dad can all go and burn up i...
Feb 15, 2008
thumbnail Awwh. It looks adorable. Thank you.!
Feb 9, 2008
thumbnail Thanks, I'll work on it.
Feb 9, 2008
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