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Date of Birth: January 19th, 1989 (34)
Gender: Male
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Name: Alec X Knox
Age: 16
Hair color: Black
Eye Color: Green-ish
Martial status: long term relationship...and verry happy with it ^^
Clothing: dark, mostly black
Favorite color(s): Black, Red, Green
Favorite band(s): Rammstein, Green Day, Queen
Favorite book(s): Shade's Children, Always a Theif
Favorite author(s): Garth Nix, Poe
Favorite poem: the tide rises, the tide falls
Favorite poet: longfellow, poe, dickenson
Favorite game: final fantasy 7
Favorite Anime: F.M.A
Inner selfs: Quinn(stabin), Quint(burnin), Reich(killen/drawin),
Favorite Movie: We We're Soldiers, Lord of the Rings: Return of the king, The Godfather, TheNightmare before christmas
Favorite actor: Johny Depp ^^''...sad isnt it?
Favorite person in the world: Brytani ^^ (inatyrb)

18 Submissions
thumbnail wow.. the coloring so far is aweome. gotta love it. Kudos to you! ^^
Jul 26, 2005
thumbnail i like it...i like it alot...i need improvement..i hate you gunna go, i love you b...
Jul 24, 2005
thumbnail may look blury cuz i used water color to color it, as for the background....yeah.......
Jul 2, 2005
thumbnail Hehe... I love drawing.. I have been practicig faces for awhile now. I really couldn't do the linear...
Jun 17, 2005
thumbnail wow baby... you did good...i realy like how you used textures to shade and i know that i cant draw ...
Apr 12, 2005
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