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jpjp1052 (Apr 16, 2008)
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Aakyra (Apr 16, 2008)
Looks appetizing! The spoon and plate are soooooo real! Wonderful work!
FuzzyWuzzy (Apr 17, 2008)
YAY my favorite, MMMMMMM Latte! Looks so inviting, wanna make a cup for all of us and we can sit and talk for hours? You are so good jpjp, glad to catch this one, yummmm.
fleeting_memory (Apr 17, 2008)
oooo that's really cute! What a happy way to start the day!
Sweetcell (Apr 17, 2008)
I've seen people do that and thought it was just so cool. Art and a lovely cup of java. Love the shine on the spoon.
drawn in 1 hour 52 min with Lascaux Sketch
Public Boards/Advanced 
Sweetcell (Mar 31, 2008)
Was in my head.

Done in Advanced for space. Move it down to Inter.
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QTgillie (Apr 19, 2008)
Dearest Sweetcell....I did read it. Just as my picture that everyone was ragging on said I messed up putting it in advanced. So does that mean that your eyes are closed as you view sites, or you just ignore what is there because you do not like someone? Please note that I went to Marcello to have all of my art removed from advanced. Evidently he did leave a couple there.....oh well, I tried. When I asked for my things to be moved they were moved withing 24 hours. This piece has said to move it for almost a month. Hmmmm, wonder what the deal is there. tsk tsk que sera, sera!
Kairily (Apr 19, 2008)
-cough- Awesome draw sweetcell. Actually made me laugh because the meds I'm taking have a funny side effect that give me strange dreams. I can't help it either because its sort of imperitive that I take them. I'd go on about them, but it would take a LONG time haaha.

Seriously though, everyone needs to stop drinking so much Hatorade. Just because no one has moved this doesn't place any blame on sweetcell. She responded to your initial post, QT, as most people would have, especially given the circumstances. I like how you try to excuse your not reading the description. Kinda seems to me like you were just browsing around looking for artwork to comment on offensively.

Back to this though, lovely artwork sweetcell. I may snag your idea and draw one of my dreams one day.
Sweetcell (Apr 19, 2008)
Dearest lovely warm and fuzzy QT:

It would seem you need glasses because if you really read my comment on your picture you'll note I mentioned that you should ask Marcello to move it down if you wished. What I commented on was not that ostridge (sp?) picture but the other pictues you doodled on Advanced. I was well aware you made the mistake of putting that one on advanced, which is why I didn't say anything about THAT ONE IN PARTICULAR. Really dear if your going to accuse me of something then please make sure your research is more thorough. As to why this hasn't been moved? That's all depending on whether any mods are available, which they haven't been lately because they have busy lives. I'm sure this will eventually be moved down. So really honey, go accuse someone else of.... whatever it is your accusing me of. Hmmmmm?

Kairily, that makes me smile. Tanka.
ilovedrawing (edited Jun 29, 2008)
woah! really funny... maybe you were watching one of those dance shows XD
drawn in 5 hours 45 min with Lascaux Sketch
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bosska_ak (Apr 16, 2008)
1 comment – latest 1:
fleeting_memory (Apr 17, 2008)
welcome to 2draw! The addiction is just starting ^_^ I hope you love it here!
drawn in 6 min with PaintBBS
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PS (Apr 12, 2008)
So hold you're head up high and pretend you are alive.
Watch angels in the morning become a devil's afternoon.
I will panic in the evening underneath the crashing moon.
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fleeting_memory (Apr 14, 2008)
Great use of color. Makes me want to put on a jacket.
Aakyra (Apr 14, 2008)
Amazing! This finished beautifully... very cold, lots of emotion!
backmagicwoman (Apr 15, 2008)
Yes it is beautiful..nicely done.
Sweetcell (Apr 17, 2008)
It's such an awesome image off centering her in that vast emptiness. Really convey's strong emotions.
drawn in 2 hours 28 min with Lascaux Sketch
Public Boards/Advanced 
michelangelo (Mar 31, 2008)
So I know its not quite done an all, but im working on this sick ass naked sculpture dude and it looks a little something like this. im sure it will be hellla popular one day.
34 comments – latest 4:
dorothyblueeyes (Dec 29, 2010)
showcase is an april fool's joke
MissVera (Dec 29, 2010)
Axil62 (Aug 8, 2014)
davincipoppalag (Jan 31, 2019)
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drawn in 1 min with Lascaux Sketch
Public Boards/Intermediate 
Mary-Mephiles (Apr 10, 2008)
Shadow the hedgehog... The ultimate life form
3 comments – latest 3:
enjoydotcom (Apr 11, 2008)
Since when is this considered advanced? It's cute but not advanced.
Sweetcell (Apr 12, 2008)
Really. I mean my God, is this what the site has come too? So now it's ok to scribble in the Advanced boards?

What's happened to my 2draw?
fleeting_memory (Apr 14, 2008)
not advanced. I dunno Sweetcell-kinda does seem as though the site is coming down around our ears a little.
drawn in 2 hours 37 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
EvilMechaTama (Apr 4, 2008)
This was drawn with a refrence with gaia items that I put together on That thing is fun to play around with, and this is what I came up with. :)
clothes and items (c) Gaia Online
3 comments – latest 4:
EvilMechaTama (Apr 5, 2008)
drawn in 59 min
FINALLY! This took so much longer than I thought, but oh well. I think it turned out pretty well! The background isn't exactly what I wanted, but it will do. I really like how the cape turned out, since I thought it was going to turn out much worse!
fleeting_memory (Apr 5, 2008)
Nice job on the ghost cape. The lines are pretty good though it is weird to see snow coming from white clouds.
EvilMechaTama (Apr 5, 2008)
Thank you, fleeting_memory! Ah, you're right. I should have made the clouds a little darker.
EvilMechaTama (Apr 5, 2008)
drawn in 5 min
Hm, I didn't know that you could revise a finished image... Cool! Made the clouds darker.
drawn in 5 hours 55 min with Lascaux Sketch
lori (Apr 3, 2008)
10 comments – latest 4:
mooki (Apr 3, 2008)
i love it!
this is awsome
lori (Apr 3, 2008)
lol thanks
Deino (Apr 4, 2008)
I love how it is unfocused with just some little details in the head... great work!
lori (Apr 23, 2008)
thanks Deino :) I love all your work
drawn in 32 min with Lascaux Sketch
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Different home page appearance
Sweetcell (Mar 27, 2008)
Alright Cello, why am I suddenly getting a different looking 2draw page? It's brown/tan with a wierd configuration and well...... what's going on?
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jpjp1052 (Mar 16, 2008)
8 comments – latest 4:
enjoydotcom (Mar 17, 2008)
Cool drawing, he looks like me, big eyes as if he's also on a sugar-rush (just ate some selfmade honey-caramels)

I do the same fleet :D. Hiding from everybody I'm such a big pig. Each year we get a choccy bunny from work that is 20 inches. A LOT of bunny to devour.
MissA_sketches (Mar 18, 2008)
Wonderful draw! Very cute expression!

I'm a candy picker myself if they have them......eyes first, (ewwww....eyeless bunny!), then the candied flower! Yum! If not, then I'm an ears
STARZSHINE (Mar 19, 2008)
OMG, lol, love this jp, you caught the candy eyes perfectly, lol, boy what childhood memories this evokes, lol, of course we always ate the ears off first! too cute, I am not even sure I have seen these hollow candy bunnies anywhere anymore, now most of the rabbits are covered in foil, what a shame though cause the easter baskets we had as children were so much more festive. again amazing work dahling! I used to love the sugar eggs that were a panorama, again, I don't think they make 'em anymore, too cost and labor intensive for this commercialism nowa days.
Xina54 (Mar 22, 2008)
ahh there you are! I heard you were over here. I'm afraid I couldn't take another bite - just stuffed a whole chocolate egg! He sure looks surprised to find himself earless . . .
drawn in 1 hour 49 min with Lascaux Sketch
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