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Hi, I am just a dabbler in the arts, took some commercial art in college for about two years, before computers became desktops ( not really but almost, they were the size of a small frig back then), lol, so this is all rather new to me. I also draw on and both of which I go by the same screen name of STARZSHINE. I love to read, and I love to play online poker, sometimes I draw and play poker at the same time! Oh ya I may even cook while I am doing the latter two! I am gifted that way. Multi-tasker at heart. Hope to meet some good friends and could use a good tutor here, lol, way more complicated than on the other sites on which I draw! OLO hope that I can dust the tail feathers of some of you really talent people here! We shall see, it won't be the talent that lacks, just my understanding of the applets! so buckle your seat belts ladies and's going to be a BUMPY ride!
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thumbnail probably one of your best watercolor interpretations to date, reminds me of mixed media, with charco...
Feb 28, 2009
thumbnail Fantastic work Klox! love to see more from you in this style, just beautiful!
Nov 5, 2008
thumbnail Stunning work, love the style you used, one of your best I think...
Nov 3, 2008
thumbnail Teehee cute! yes I did do this same picture, you did a great job! don't worry, I am not the owner o...
Nov 3, 2008
thumbnail Hey Suntan, thanks, are you hiding here? lol, thought I'd do a draw or two here, can't finish my vam...
Oct 23, 2008
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