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Im younger than most... If you need help or anything you can ask me. Im sorta good at stuff. I'm currently doing requests for free but if you're one of those snippy people who will just be all "I request you color you pictures and make backgrounds and stop sucking" then dont request. I dont need the hurt.. <:( Uhhhh Ima go take a dip in the pool, wanna come? Well you can't cause you wont fit cause my ego is busy filling the whole thing up, badger badger badger, rada rada rada.

Guess what!?
5 replies
enjoydotcom (Oct 12, 2008)
Aha, this explains your absense, hope you have a tardy-slip. JK, I was actually already wondering wh...
I need help with the coloring
5 replies
deathking (Aug 23, 2008)
Yes thats what I was looking for, thanks lot!
Another possibilty
7 replies
enjoydotcom (Aug 4, 2008)
When you're right, Yourrite. I wasn't right, some little tweenies don't want help. They just want to...
Tokyo Mew Mew Collab
3 replies
heartloving (Apr 6, 2008)
I just started here......but can i draw one, pleez? ;-;
Totally original picture thread
51 replies
SanzoGirl (Mar 1, 2008)
Thank you~ ^_^ I might be putting purple in it soon :]
I made a picture doodle
3 replies
NOVEMBER93 (Feb 21, 2008)
I really like those colors <3
Out of the funk, for now...
2 replies
deathking (Sep 2, 2007)
That doesnt answer my question... thanks though
Have you noticed
40 replies
marcello (Aug 9, 2007)
ok. this has gone on long enough.
My quest to improve
0 replies
deathking (Jul 21, 2007)
Open canvas?
4 replies
deleted10215 (Apr 13, 2007)
ill open canvas (1.1) online
I finally have a tablet but how do I..
3 replies
davincipoppalag (Feb 21, 2007)
You can practice here, dont HAVE to post it because you drew it...
Who do you want to get owned?
9 replies
marcello (Feb 15, 2007)
seriously, dk needs to take a break from the intertubes.
serious problem
18 replies
HunterKiller_ (Feb 11, 2007)
If this person is announcing that s/he is going to kill him/herself, they won't do it. They just wan...
other oekaki boards
14 replies
senshi (Jan 30, 2007)
That too.
Was it easier than it is now to get on the showcase
27 replies
Sweetcell (Jan 27, 2007)
What Snoopy said, what he said. :) Panda, when you wrote this part;
You know that char
This isn't fair but what are your veiws on it.
18 replies
Nightmare (Jan 23, 2007)
I smell me a baby Xod. Wait, Xod eats babies, so isn't that a paradox?
2draw ink i have no clue wtf it is
1 reply
Shanghai (Jan 22, 2007)
the way I understand it, if I remember it right, the 2draw ink board was meant as an exclusive (invi...
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