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Suring you could be drawing an intense cliff saying, "all your base are belong to us", right now?
Or a rugged mouse dreaming, that's hardly worth looking at?
Or some angelic sushi crying, madly?
Or a confusing swing saying, "I AM TEH BEST", with a temper?
Or the world?
Or a soccerball swimming through some root beer with a steam roller?
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thumbnail dick is a nickname for richard lol so it could mean that
Apr 14, 2007
thumbnail can i join
Apr 14, 2007
thumbnail i like the white robot colour scheme better
but with the same background as the latest version of ...
Aug 13, 2006
thumbnail whoa didnt realise i was in it "I'm so sorry about this"kinda made me think i wasnt
Apr 17, 2006
thumbnail what you thinkit should be advanced?
i thought iw was gonmna look rubbish so when i clicked on draw...
Apr 16, 2006
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