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deathking (edited Aug 22, 2008)
I inked a picture of starfire this 4th of july and recently scanned it. I posted it on deviant art here and I was wondering if any of you knew any good tips on American comic book inking or any good links to artists with good coloring styles for American comic shading. Also tell what you think of the overall inking I made, flaws, good parts, etc.
Dr.Moony (Aug 22, 2008)
Were you trying to reacreate the style?
I assume yes...
The head is obviously too large. Proportions in the head are quite different, and your hair doesn't look curly at all.
Made an image to illustrate this to you:
Her necklace is in you're version also quite chubby and a few other things are differently drawn(boots start under her knees, ...). Also her hips could be wider and her legs make her seem like she's floating.
xswirvex (edited Aug 23, 2008)
hmm. i think s[HE] was just trying to make it "his own" but.. to me her feet look off.
anyways, as for the coloring..
for ex:

it seems like they use flat base colors, use black to fill and crosshatch in the shadows, and for the little color highlights seem to be airbrushed on.
deathking (Aug 23, 2008)
I actually was winging it to be comic like, and me drawing big heads happens often <=). I also didn't want to replicate the original style, I was wondering if you guys knew any newer, popular comic coloring styles. I wasn't using a reference when I drew it, I was just trying to see if i could remember most of it. She is suppose to be floating, the legs after the knees didn't look right to me. I really appreciate the help, I'll try to remember it on my next version. I'm a boy btw... display picture is kinda misleading.
xswirvex (Aug 23, 2008)
in that case..

that could help?
and i didnt mean to call you a she. o.o ... i just dont think as i type.
deathking (Aug 23, 2008)
Yes thats what I was looking for, thanks lot!
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