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foxman8245 (Apr 9, 2004)
Ok, I know it's a slam on guys, but come on... it IS funny. ( and I gained a few brownie points with the wife for this drawing ) hee-hee
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Wez (Apr 13, 2004)
lol i really like this pic its funny
Alicia (May 16, 2004)
On second thought, make me keep my complaining to myself . I'm sooo...glad to be where the Lord wants me. Wether it's on the Key board or cooking in the kitchen. Please God don't ever listen to me when I get stupid.ali2
joox (Nov 25, 2007)
love it by the way thanks for my party
Trazor (Dec 26, 2007)
drawn in 59 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
brushes4 (Feb 27, 2004)
from a pic in a local mag...i'd really like opinions and suggestions. thanks, ok ive done a bit of revision, added a few bg details, and a bit of gore( very mother may look at this lol) cant seem to make the bloody handprint look "wet" enough without making it look plastic-ey and fake, any ideas? oh and thanks for the compliments :o)
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Harmanye (Mar 2, 2004)
This is wonderful! Glass is so hard to draw, because very clean glass can be more like a play of light (like wateR) than an actualy object, when drawing, even with refereance, this is a fantastic job!
DeadlyBlondeArcher (Mar 3, 2004)
You did a great job on the glass - doing any glass at all for me is a nightmare! This is wonderful.
frappa (Mar 10, 2004)
really amazing glass!!
alwaysLearning (Mar 14, 2004)
Eep! If you're posting on the beginner boards, maybe I should just take my tools and shuffle off... <sigh> No, seriously, this is stunning, and I wish I knew how you had mastered drawing glass so believably. <smile> The background is wonderful, though the one thing that seems to detract from it slightly is the lace(?) runner on the chest of drawers - it seems to be done in a different style from the rest of the piece. Regardless, the piece is gorgeous, and makes me glad I decided to browse your user board -- I'm really enjoying seeing more of your work.
drawn in 2 hours 27 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
simonelle (Mar 1, 2004)
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Zinphi (Mar 1, 2004)
I just started on something like this five mins ago. yours came out pretty good, I like the spray.
davincipoppalag (Mar 1, 2004)
yes...nice clouds.. good colors and composition..
dixielandcutie (Mar 1, 2004)
so very nice, and i love the detail on the trees. awesome
TheInfamousFlatline (Mar 1, 2004)
dude, i love this pic! its uber cool! my head hurts. THIS BOARD IS BACKWARDS!!!!!...........or is it just me? has this happened to anyone? the whole site being mirror-imaged?...its frightening. ><
drawn in 41 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
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kstew (Feb 29, 2004)
just doodling and playing with layers
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Zinphi (Feb 29, 2004)
shes very beautiful. I love the lips. *is jealous*
ToraNeko (Feb 29, 2004)
Yeah! I really love the lips too! I think the left eye might be a smige higher then the right, but I like how you did the nose *takes notes* lol But those lips really stand out! Nice n.n
davincipoppalag (Mar 1, 2004)
nice face and bg.. I would like it alot better if you sharpen things up.. alot of these pics make me feel like I need new reading glasses.. sharp would be good!
drawn in 43 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
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FlyingTangerine (Feb 27, 2004)
Just a doodle....
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Zinphi (Feb 29, 2004)
I think this is an awsome picture. I think I did something similar with a video camera and the special effects.
FlyingTangerine (Feb 29, 2004)
Thank you. :)
drawn in 35 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
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xvolcomx (Jul 28, 2003)
this is my interpertation of a spaceship, i think.
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sincity (Nov 29, 2004)
Hey this is great! I like it alot! Good job, reminds me a little of the beginning of " THE THING"
KH44N (Aug 4, 2005)
This is very well done! The bright colours on your planet look really nice. Very well detailed.
Slim (Dec 1, 2005)
Great job luv the reflection
davincipoppalag (Nov 1, 2020)
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drawn in 3 hours 56 min with OekakiBBS