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When I stop learning, bury me -- no, wait, cremation is more environmentally friendly, that way I can go into the compost heap. :)

I love digital art, as a chemically sensitive artist, it's my only way to use many artistic media. :) I also greatly welcome comments and critique on my artwork, as long as they're supportive, and given out of a desire to help, rather than in order to be hurtful -- my self-confidence is one of the aspects of my artwork (and my life) that I'm working on. :/
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thumbnail Very nice! If you consider this a crappy sunset, you must be quite gifted at them! :) It looks pa...
Dec 30, 2005
thumbnail Oh my goodness! While I can see some rough edges in places, I have trouble figuring out how you cre...
Feb 3, 2005
thumbnail I have to agree with emmamommalaq -- it's the dew drops which really bring the whole piece together ...
Dec 15, 2004
thumbnail I have to concur, this needs more shading; the colours you've used are so very pale that I could ba...
Dec 13, 2004
thumbnail I have to agree with DBA -- this looks like a charcoal sketch on old yellowed paper, and whether you...
Dec 6, 2004
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