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drawn in 3 hours 56 min with OekakiBBS
Showcase entry!
xvolcomx (Jul 28, 2003)
this is my interpertation of a spaceship, i think.
xvolcomx (Jul 28, 2003)
drawn in 0sec
Marienkind (edited Jul 28, 2003)
well, at least you were able to draw a very sexy drawing out of your boredom. :]
mazi (edited Jul 28, 2003)
*mops up drool from her jaw dropping*

holyshit thats fricking amazing.. the reflection.. and augh..
Knockoff (edited Jul 29, 2003)
woaw! Awsome picture! *takes over space ship*
Look (Jan 26, 2004)
I like the design of the spaceshiip, especially the tail of colorful dots. It looks like a candy chain. :)
Axil62 (Jan 26, 2004)
Holy crap jacket! Nice one.
Zinphi (Feb 29, 2004)
Wow that looks like something out of Star Wars. I love the colors.
evil_cloud (Apr 29, 2004)
Mipunai (Aug 17, 2004)
I saw a UFO before.... when I was eight... (random thought, sorry...) I really like the colors, very nice X3
Cianteed (edited Sep 5, 2004)
It's not a UFO! It's a close up of a teenages pimple. The flying saucer just decided to be a glory hog and get in the way of the beautiful blemish. Bah, you know me. =] I'm a kidder.
plasma_ooganator (Nov 29, 2004)
dude thats awesome! i love sci-fi crap! i like drawing that stuff on paper. its harder on computer.
sincity (Nov 29, 2004)
Hey this is great! I like it alot! Good job, reminds me a little of the beginning of " THE THING"
KH44N (Aug 4, 2005)
This is very well done! The bright colours on your planet look really nice. Very well detailed.
Slim (Dec 1, 2005)
Great job luv the reflection
davincipoppalag (Nov 1, 2020)
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