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icon Location: toronto(but i'd rather be elsewhere)
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typical averag 40-ish woman...body feels 60-ish, mind and heart 20- ish, average it out?
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thumbnail incredible....simply and serenly incredible....
Apr 24, 2007
thumbnail your also american dave.....hes a canadian icon....although he was quite popular in the 60s and 70s....
Dec 29, 2005
thumbnail its good...its how i feel so often...i think this is one of your best for its simplicity and its im...
Dec 10, 2005
thumbnail of all the things ive had deleted y cant this one go lol
Jan 6, 2005
thumbnail ooooh oi like a few of his cds, hard time finding swan song now though. i love the simplicit...
Jan 5, 2005
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