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Art Book Nominations Open Again!
marcello (Apr 2, 2008)
Remember the 2draw Art Book Project? Due to lots of drama in the team, the project has been delayed, but we are happy to announce development is well underway, and as a small apology to those who have been waiting, we are opening nominations again to ensure we get some of awesome new work that has happened since gets a chance at being in the Art Book Project. What is this project, you ask? Well, it is a book! Full-color, ha...
Public Boards/Intermediate 
Hotaru-chan (Jan 19, 2008)
Avatar art for gaiaonline. I can't believe I spent this much time on a freebie. :/

I can't really think of a background idea, anyone have any recommendations?
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Hakkai (Jan 19, 2008)
Soooooo gewd.
clover_pocky (Jan 19, 2008)
Before you add a background, I'd recommend improving the quality of your lineart, finding a definite source of light for your shading and adding detail to the piece as a whole. It's a cute concept, but the colouring seems sloppy. Even if something is free, you should ensure that whoever gets the image gets something of quality. Just my two cents.
drawn in 1 hour 44 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Specialty Boards/Collaborations 
sweet_insanity, Hakkai, Piksi, DoOp, and deathking (Oct 23, 2007)
Go ahead and note to be added.
be considerate and don't take up half the canvas (like me)
looking for maybe 4-5 possibly 6 people?

I'm being Silent bob, or kevin smith, this year
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tokyomewmew (Nov 1, 2007)
why is it 13+?
Fiesta (Nov 7, 2007)
Are you dressed as Hikaru or Kaoru? Anyways this colllab is awesome. :3
Skai (Nov 18, 2007)
Do I see a Hikaru? <3
pray4love (Jun 26, 2008)
me too? please?
drawn in 3 hours 41 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
Public Boards/Intermediate 
Hakkai (Oct 1, 2007)
D: Safety Save.

So far so good. Don't wanna fuck it up somehow.
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Hakkai (Oct 1, 2007)
drawn in 43 min
I'm sorry. Too much effort put into this for one night. Will work on it tomorrow. D:

My mouse is tired.
mazi (Oct 3, 2007)
have i ever told you that i love you? (cue music)

umm pretty sure your skillz have taken viagra.
Sweetcell (Oct 3, 2007)
I love your lineart and coloring Kai. Good to see yo drawing again.
Fulgore (edited Jan 17, 2008)
Mmmm... Marbles! I wanna play! :(
Anyways good art just as always. Keep it up girl! :D
drawn in 4 hours 39 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
Hakkai (Apr 9, 2007)
" Because I will FUCK YOU UP! "

I'm back after some prectice. Still using a mouse.
I can draw full bodies now! :D
20 comments – latest 4:
fleeting_memory (Apr 11, 2007)
wonderful wonderful *claps* you've got perspective an' everythin!
NOVEMBER93 (Apr 12, 2007)
<333 I always love your arts <33 I can tell you have improved. You're so great ;__;
lori (Apr 12, 2007)
I've seen alot of your art on here, there are pics with whole bodies in them, and they looked great to me. This one's a cool pose for sure. How'd you get the whole body thing down anyway? Hands, legs, everything looks just right, I'd love to be able to do that too. I hate having to look at references so much.
pandabarrie (Aug 29, 2007)
I'm reminded of Tila Tequila's song 'I love U'
drawn in 3 hours 50 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Hakkai (Feb 26, 2007)
Associated with the myth of Achilles... who I will draw eventually.
8 comments – latest 4:
davincipoppalag (Feb 27, 2007)
Such a smooth pretty Kai draw......don't let Cindy near the dress..she was just cleaning the guns and has oil on her fingers..
Sweetcell (Feb 28, 2007)
All this time I thought it was a girl, I mean his pecks looks strangely like a breast, ok, nevermind. Well if he wanted to pass as a girl he certainly could. After all the Greeks didn't have a problem with it. Don't know what I'm saying. It's a pretty piece with beautiful coloring, that's what I'm saying. :)
cmb (Feb 28, 2007)
hes very androgenus..great draw
pancakes_rock (Feb 28, 2007)
thats so sexy ):B
drawn in 3 hours 52 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Public Boards/Beginner 
Jodylicious (Feb 21, 2007)
3 comments – latest 3:
Hakkai (Feb 21, 2007)
-cuddles, coughs, and infects Jodeh with the flu-

<33333 :D
Maiko (Feb 21, 2007)
There is TOTALLY space on the left for Mai to be loving on mar-ness too ;o I kid.

so cute 8D <3 whereareherboobs!?!
Jodylicious (Feb 21, 2007)
I already have zee flu, we would just be infecting each othar! :DD
drawn in 57 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Hakkai (Feb 12, 2007)
Kee hee! :D

My favorite alien bibliophile.
10 comments – latest 4:
LadyBlader (Feb 12, 2007)
Incredible! Amazing! I bow to your obvious superiority. *bows*
senshi (edited Feb 12, 2007)
very nice draw.
You give yourself less credit than you deserve.
Skai (Feb 12, 2007)
Homg. I adore your solids and tones. ;-; <3333
ichigokurosaki (Aug 7, 2008)
that is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
drawn in 1 hour 32 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Public Boards/Intermediate 
Maiko (Jan 23, 2007)

hehee, notice the trademark rawr Wasilsmile shirt :]
<3 enjoy.
Anyway, it looks like she likes smooshing (nastey looking) lollipops on her face.
18 comments – latest 4:
Sweetcell (Jan 24, 2007)
That is quite the outfit, just what are those white things peaking out from her sleeve? And the shading is one I've always been jealous of, everytime I try cell shading I always go over and over it till it's blended to nothing. Nicely done Mai, she's got a don't fuss with me attitude. Oh and yes, the lolly.
Maiko (Jan 24, 2007)
Those are just tassely things on the sleeves :];;
I didn't mean to, but I kind of used a pokemon as a ref. XD

she just wants to eat her lollipop in peace XD
psychofox0 (Jan 24, 2007)
wow, you do have good shading. O_o.. hhmmm, and yeah she
is hot. Nice one Mai.
Maiko (Jan 24, 2007)
:] haha thanks~! <3
drawn in 3 hours 24 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Public Boards/Beginner 
Hakkai (Jan 11, 2007)
Pumpkin Scissors.

<3 :DDD
9 comments – latest 4:
Hakkai (Jan 11, 2007)
drawn in 29 min
-gives up-
deathking (Jan 11, 2007)
this was beautifuly colored and i really like it u should of posted it on intermidiet
senshi (Jan 11, 2007)
Cool. I like the bg
fleeting_memory (Jan 12, 2007)
I've heard about that show! Never watched it though...Great expression :)
drawn in 2 hours 29 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
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