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drawn in 3 hours 50 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
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Hakkai (Apr 9, 2007) — edit
" Because I will FUCK YOU UP! "

I'm back after some prectice. Still using a mouse.
I can draw full bodies now! :D
Hakkai (Apr 9, 2007)
drawn in 1 hour 44 min
Punky (Apr 9, 2007)
I love the skin coloring. Awesome pose and expression, it looks very comic bookish.
TheCrimsonKing (Apr 9, 2007)
nice pose. Excite to see what colors you'll use.
deathking (edited Apr 9, 2007)
I envy your lineart, the skin is so well done. Also if this is you, are you a girl or a guy?
Hakkai (Apr 9, 2007)
drawn in 1 hour 13 min
Brb. Mouse needs cleaning. There's gunk on the bottem. DD:
Kloxboy (Apr 9, 2007)
That's cool, I like where this is going. oO
Sweetcell (Apr 9, 2007)
You don't draw here often enough. I just love your coloring and use of speckles of light.
Hakkai (Apr 9, 2007)
drawn in 53 min
deathking (Apr 9, 2007)
Awesome, great coloring and just all over well done.
Hakkai (Apr 9, 2007)
To answer a few questions + comments:
-Yes, that's me.
-Which gender do I look like? ( EVERYONE ELSE, "SHHH"! )
-The colors I use were pretty dull, sorry. I tried to make them identical to the real life version of my clothes. I don't dress brightly. :/
-I tried using a different style of coloring than I usually do. Some of it worked, some of it I had to do my own usual thing. It turned out alright, right?
-I also used a different combination of colors for the skin this time. Looks fine, nh?
deathking (Apr 9, 2007)
You have feminine legs and arms, sorta masculine wrists, fingers, eyes and chin. The odds point to you being a girl from the way you type, the way you speak is rather timid and anxious.
xiau (Apr 9, 2007)
The "SPARTAAA" thing made me laugh xD
I adore the pose <3<3<3 D: And, as always, the coloring and lineart is incredibly smooth.
I do so love you :D
Maiko (Apr 9, 2007)
Mmmm Mar-ness. <3
You are just so cute |D *pokes*
I'm loving your colouring and lineart, gosh, ever since who knows when 03'? you were always the one with
sexcellent SKILLx0RZ >:0!!! *jellies liek woah*

THIS, IS, SPARTAAAaaa D8< *kicks a random passerby*
Punky (Apr 9, 2007)
Your coloring is gorgeous, especially on the folds of the clothes.

I really like this.
Skai (Apr 9, 2007)
:DDD Awesome awesome!
Childlike_Vampire (Apr 9, 2007)
*gasp* and not just full bodies, but foreshortened crazy position ones! Nice smooth coloring, feels dabbed on. Nice pic.
davincipoppalag (Apr 9, 2007)
Kai sed teh Eff werd!!!!
enjoydotcom (Apr 10, 2007)
Sweet, this is pretty nifty stuff! Especially the skin toning.
DoOp (Apr 10, 2007)
*hug* =o You draw better then me on the mouse x] <3<3 You are too smexy~ Good job on this one 8]<3<3
fleeting_memory (Apr 11, 2007)
wonderful wonderful *claps* you've got perspective an' everythin!
NOVEMBER93 (Apr 12, 2007)
<333 I always love your arts <33 I can tell you have improved. You're so great ;__;
lori (Apr 12, 2007)
I've seen alot of your art on here, there are pics with whole bodies in them, and they looked great to me. This one's a cool pose for sure. How'd you get the whole body thing down anyway? Hands, legs, everything looks just right, I'd love to be able to do that too. I hate having to look at references so much.
pandabarrie (Aug 29, 2007)
I'm reminded of Tila Tequila's song 'I love U'
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