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drawn in 3 hours 41 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
10 min
1 hour 28 min
28 min
39 min
53 min
sweet_insanity (Oct 23, 2007)
Go ahead and note to be added.
be considerate and don't take up half the canvas (like me)
looking for maybe 4-5 possibly 6 people?

I'm being Silent bob, or kevin smith, this year
sweet_insanity (Oct 23, 2007)
drawn in 10 min
HolyCow (Oct 24, 2007)
I'm being Michael Jackson. Planning on going out and buying the mask tonight, actually.
Piksi (Oct 24, 2007)
Silent Bob! Cool. I'm going as The Mononoke Hime.. Mostly because I have the costume left over from a really sucky anime con (stayed maybe 5 minutes.. So borinG! Ugh! x3
Punky (Oct 24, 2007)
I might want to join. :D
Hakkai (Oct 24, 2007)
I'd like to join.

sweet_insanity (Oct 25, 2007)
kkies, added Piksi and Hakkai.
wasn't sure if the others wanted to be added :D
Hakkai (Oct 25, 2007)
drawn in 1 hour 28 min
Mm.. yeah. D:
I'm lame... But I'm hoping that it'll look good.
Got done sewing the skirt and the shirt's only 1/3 done. :/

I'm just wasting time that I should be using to finish the costume. >__<
Piksi (Oct 26, 2007)
drawn in 28 min
*squished next to Hakkai* Sorry. x3 I'm very confused by this program.. Not very used to it as you can porbably tell.. XD ANYWHO. I'm dressed as the Princess Mononoke! YA! Costume is already done.
deathking (Oct 26, 2007)
I would very much like to join.
sweet_insanity (Oct 28, 2007)
you're added deathking :D looks awesome guys!!
DoOp (Oct 29, 2007)
I would like to join as well ^0^
sweet_insanity (Oct 29, 2007)
kk do0p you're up too :D
DoOp (Oct 30, 2007)
drawn in 39 min
vegeta! :D

I look like i have an ass on me head :E...
tokyomewmew (Nov 1, 2007)
why is it 13+?
deathking (Nov 4, 2007)
drawn in 53 min
Fiesta (Nov 7, 2007)
Are you dressed as Hikaru or Kaoru? Anyways this colllab is awesome. :3
Skai (Nov 18, 2007)
Do I see a Hikaru? <3
pray4love (Jun 26, 2008)
me too? please?
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