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Erewin, Gothic_Otaku, Hakkai, Ixbalam, squee, and more... (Jun 16, 2004)
I'm interested in characters interacting with one another, and would be interested in meeting people who have the same interest too! This is a chibi dance floor (just testing the waters). It works like this ... you draw a chibi in a dance pose (any dance, the crazier the better!), seemingly interacting with someone invisible. The next person then draws another chibi, in an equally crazy dance pose, interacting with the first! *twidles her thumbs hopefully* I don't mind if people draw over my character a bit, if you need it for the dance. Any number of couples can join! If there is no one to dance with, begin a new pose, and take the lead! (By the way, I WISH that there was an 'anybody can edit function' without me having to add names, but I will add anyone! Just msg me or comment here!)
20 comments – latest 4:
Noremac (Jul 13, 2004)
i wanna join tooooo \
Wisca (Aug 2, 2004)
drawn in 55 min
Everybody grab your skirts and lets dance!!!! And don't forget your hats!!!!
narutofan (Nov 24, 2005)
lol very funny
kitty25 (Nov 30, 2005)
this sooo cute and funny..LOL !XD
drawn in 4 hours 37 min with PaintBBS
Anyone can join. The rule is that you draw yourself as a chibi.

edit: unlock when your done please.
45 comments – latest 4:
xiau (Aug 1, 2005)
Squee, I love the new version of yours and the old one XD

egnirys_cimredopyh's is cute, too! And so is everyone else's!

squee (Aug 2, 2005)
erk. Marini, when I have time ok?
Gothic_Otaku (Aug 2, 2005)
Shi isn't loading for me, so I don't think I can finish mine. Shi is such a peice of crap :gonk:
marini135 (Aug 6, 2005)
ok i am gonna make a mefairy
drawn in 13 hours with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Public Boards/Beginner 
BSOD, Gothic_Otaku, and whitebunny1063 (Jul 19, 2005)
Yes another of 2-D... I drew this one so that Gothic_Otaku could color it in cause I felt bad that she couldn't color in the first one I drew ^_^ hey I'm getting better! YEAH IN YOUR FACE ARTISTS BLOCK!!!! OH YEAH! Start when ever you want G_O XD I'll add you!
33 comments – latest 4:
SanzoGirl (Aug 4, 2005)
Yea. :D
BSOD (Aug 6, 2005)
Enjoy what 2-D :DDD
SanzoGirl (Aug 18, 2005)
Cool. ^_^
KH44N (Aug 18, 2005)
This is cool. I like the bubbly idea. Goof job to all of u.
drawn in 2 hours 3 min with PaintBBS
Specialty Boards/Collaborations 
SanzoGirl, xxtaliexx, Deformed, Gothic_Otaku, Urei-sama, and more... (Sep 5, 2004)
draw yourself as a plushie!
23 comments – latest 4:
mangaflip (Sep 16, 2004)
drawn in 20 min
SanzoGirl (Sep 17, 2004)
Koneko-sama (Dec 18, 2004)
... Are you still accepting? >_o I just noticed it wasn't finished.
koisnake (Apr 19, 2005)
Thats funny =3
drawn in 4 hours 7 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
Well, its crappy, but does anyone want to color her in, and/or fix that pesky line on her neck? I didn't notice that until I submitted it >_>;;
16 comments – latest 4:
seaanemone (Dec 28, 2004)
one thing that sorta bothers me is that the eyes look like they are going in two different directions! XP
mukumuku (Dec 29, 2004)
drawn in 5 min
yeah, sorry, since no one else was doing a background, i decided to do a random confetti ish thing *throws conffetti*
StrawberryYamichan (Jan 19, 2005)
Nice way to fix it up pulmonq2!
Gothic_Otaku (Jan 21, 2005)
Wow, that's cool!
drawn in 4 hours 17 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
squee, Nyuusen, Gothic_Otaku, Kilala, demon666child, and more... (Dec 19, 2004)
Come one come all to draw anthros!
30 comments – latest 4:
Chaosz (Jan 1, 2005)
lol ok! Nice call squee :D
inatyrb (Jan 1, 2005)
Yay for anthros! I love them! Very nice collab guys! I like the tiger person, Very furry!
voodoobunny (Mar 21, 2006)
Anthros is an animal, that has human parts and stuff, not a human that has animal parts. :/
Maiko (Mar 21, 2006)
it can be both :3
drawn in 6 hours 48 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
squee, Priszcilla, Callypso, rosalyn, charmyc, and more... (Aug 5, 2004)
This is a collab for those who want to draw themselves as they would look like as if they were in their favorite manga or anime. Post or memo me to join
46 comments – latest 4:
marcello (Dec 17, 2004)
can you please learn how to type?
Maiko (Dec 17, 2004)
Haha cello, you're so mean XD *hypocrite*
Knockoff (Dec 17, 2004)
Correction bot. - May I join? I mean well yeah... it may look crappy if iI join, but thats becuase I use a mouse...(sadly I don't have one of those pen thingies...or a tablet..or are they the same?) Anyways please I really want to join ^^ And if I do one of my own drawings then i'll tell you what it is, and if I don't....then I guess i'll tell you any ways. Lol please tell me if I can join or not. Memo me or tell me here. Thanks! (I hope I can join :) Angel.. if you want to see my pictures, look at my profile.. and give me some ideas... i'm stuck... XD XP)
Chaosz (Dec 17, 2004)
oh sorry....well at least some people posted...XD XP....and i dont really care i was typing to fast...see now ur making me type slow...!!! >< anyways can any of u view my pic in the beginer...and asnwer my questions? and give me suggestions??? im new....
drawn in 6 hours 28 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Public Boards/Beginner 
seaanemone and Gothic_Otaku (Nov 15, 2004)
i'm not finished yet but i just remembered i gots to do mi homework!!! if you guys have any ideas on how to make it look cooler tell me. okay?
8 comments – latest 4:
MidnightRaven99 (Nov 24, 2004)
very nice
Gothic_Otaku (Nov 27, 2004)
drawn in 2 hours 14 min
The basic coloring is done, but take off about...20 mins off the timer because I went out for sushi :9---
Cacau (Dec 27, 2004)
Sushi is good =.> But when It´ll be finished? Very cool.
Xodiak (Jun 23, 2005)
She is sexy! <:)
drawn in 4 hours 41 min with Oekaki Shi-Painter
Specialty Boards/Collaborations 
saucy and Gothic_Otaku (Sep 3, 2004)
Does anyone want to color? I know I did the dress lines a little thick, but I can fix it. :D
5 comments – latest 4:
saucy (Sep 5, 2004)
drawn in 3 hours 31 min
I softened the dress a little and I made the ears a little less sketchy (btw Gothic_Otaku nice work) And I did the bg! Yay! (The drawbridge took me forever to do)
Gothic_Otaku (Sep 5, 2004)
That's great! is she...walking on water? @_@
p3ndragon (Sep 5, 2004)
*Blown away*
saucy (Dec 15, 2005)
drawn in 9 min
I fixed this uber old collab up a teeny bit! :D
LOL.. Remember the good old days...
drawn in 7 hours 41 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
Gothic_Otaku, Mipunai, Tree-of-Dispair, Deformed, xswirvex, and more... (Aug 20, 2004)
draw your alter ego :)

This is Brooke and she's my alter ego :)
16 comments – latest 4:
Tree-of-Dispair (Aug 21, 2004)
a bass big-stubby to be specific ^_^... yeah pick flics are matter who you are everyone in the croud scrambles to get it
Deformed (Aug 21, 2004)
drawn in 24 min
Thanks for letting me join!! I realy enjoyed this!
xswirvex (Aug 22, 2004)
drawn in 17 min
fox-chick :P
Ty854 (Aug 23, 2004)
drawn in 8 min
This is my alter ego "Jimmy Jet" whos head turns into a tv set and he plays movies in his mind.
drawn in 3 hours 24 min with Lascaux Sketch Classic
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